"Le Dame Musicanti"

Marion Ceruti- Donatella Galletti

Marion Ceruti , mezzosoprano and mandolin, Donatella Galletti , baroque lute


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"Le Dame Musicanti"

la cultura italiana all'estero: da Frescobaldi, Scarlatti, Vivaldi a Weiss

Liuto Solo : Donatella Galletti

S.L. Weiss
Suite in Fa : Allemande- Courante- Bouree - Sarabande - Gigue

Voce e liuto : Marion Ceruti , mezzosoprano, Donatella Galletti liuto

Gerolamo Frescobaldi
Aria di Passacaglia : Cosi' mi disprezzate


Mandolino e liuto : Marion Ceruti , mandolino, Donatella Galletti, liuto

Lodovico Fontanelli
Concerto per mandolino ed il basso del arcileuto : - Andante - Allegro

Antonio Tinazzoli
Sonata a mandolino e arciliuto obligati

Voce e liuto : Marion Ceruti , mezzosoprano, Donatella Galletti, liuto

Cantata settima Il Rosignuolo del Signor Scarlatti (extract mp3)

Mandolino e liuto : Marion Ceruti , mandolino, Donatella Galletti, liuto

Antonio Vivaldi
Trio in Do Allegro-Andante -Allegro

Marino Ceruti- Donatella Galletti

Donatella Galletti, baroque lute, studied guitar with Aldo Minella and lutes with Paolo Cherici. She earned two diplomas from the Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi di Milano, one in guitar and the other in lute. She has recorded CDs with Stradivarius and others, playing the renaissance lute,theorbo, baroque lute. She appeared in a concert for the British Council during which she sang and played the renaissance lute and explained the music in a lecture. She took part in many master classes with Oscar Giglia, Paul O'Dette, Jacob Lindberg and other lutenists. She has appeared in concerts in Italy, Europe and the USA.She now has specialized in baroque lute.

Marion Ceruti, mezzosoprano, mandolino lombardo, requinto, began her musical activities when she studied piano with her mother, Lucille Ceruti, at age four. She studied clarinet with Samuel Lamendola and Earl Higgins in New York. Later, she studied voice with Dr. Dean Verhines in Los Angeles, CA. She now specializes in strumenti di plettro, such as guitar, mandolino napoletano, mandolino lombardo, mandola, requinto, domra, renaissance lute, as well as voice. Dott.ssa Ceruti has appeared in concerts in Italy, New York, and Hawaii on Hawaii Public Radio, with the Honolulu Symphony Chorus, and in California at various local venues in San Diego. She has composed music in several different styles and genres. Her latest project is to record a CD of Italian renaissance music and original compositions written in the style of the renaissance and baroque periods.

CDs Available


Donatella Galletti plays Kellner and Weiss, baroque lute


Marion Ceruti singing and lute, Donatella Galletti baroque lute

To order the CD, send an email request to ceruti@earthlink.net with subject line "LDM CD ORDER." In the body of the message, please send the address where you want to receive the CD and how many copies you want. Potete scrivere in italiano. Sie koennen auch auf Deutsch schreiben.

For orders from Europe, the cost is 20 euro, including shipping and handling. For orders from anywhere else in the world, including the USA, please send your address so the total can be calculated. The cost is per CD. However, if you want more than one copy there could be a savings on shipping. We can discuss the details prior to shipping.

Send an international money order to:

Marion Ceruti P.O. Box 7814 San Diego, CA, 92107 USA

or credit-card payment via PayPal to ceruti@earthlink.net

The CD comes with a 30-day guarantee. If there is any problem with the production of the CD (for example, a song is missing), please tell us what the problem was and we will post another one.


CD which will be released: see the program on this page-drop a line to book it!

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