Johann Joachim Sautscheck's life and work: the music, the mystery.

To believe or not to believe? That is the question...

Chapter 1 - the Italian wife..

Johann Joachim Sautscheck married in 1735 Cristina Ilaria Rastrelli, niece of the famous Italian sculptor Bartolomeo Carlo (Florence 1675- St.Petersburg 1744), and cousin of Bartolomeo Francesco ( Paris about 1700-St.Petersburg 1771), the creator of "Rastrelli Baroque", (also referred to as Russian or Ukrainian Baroque ), at the time of Empress Elizabeth, the daughter of Peter the Great.Peter was their son. More news to come......


A quanto sappiamo, Johann Joachim Sautcheck si era sposato nel 1735 con Cristina Ilaria Rastrelli,, nipote del famoso scultore italiano Carlo ( Firenze 1675- S.Pietroburgo 1744), e cugino di Bartolomeo Francesco ( Parigi ca 1700- S.Pietroburgo 1771), il creatore del "Barocco Rastrelli", all'epoca dell'Imperatrice Elisabetta, figlia di Pietro il Grande.Pietro fu uno dei figli ...lavori in corso...per leggere di pił...

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