Useful lute sites.

Taco Walstra
Arto Wikla
Kenneth Sparr
The Lute Society of America
Wayne Cripps
Deutsche Gesellschaft
French Lute Society-links

Peter Oljeund
Roman Turovsky
Thomas Schall
Paulo Galvao
Gérard Rebours


Lieder texts
Lnks to other XVIII Centuries sites
Basics of thorough base
very complete page of links about music
New Grove
various links

Tablature,strings, journals

To write in tablature: Fronimo
StringWalker (tablature program)/Alain Veylit-1

Wtune, an electronic tuner
Corde Aquila
Electronic lute journal by Federico Marincola-(now not working anymore, but you can ask for copies)


Orpheon:Virtual museum of hystorical instruments
The Shrine to Music Museum
Musei Vaticani
French museums

For travellers-trains in Europe

Trains in Europe- timetables

Humor ( just to relax after practising)

Musical jokes
Psychology: humour research
jokes (psychologists)
humor studies
psychology humor (jokes) + other links
instrument jokes
"clean jokes"

Java, applets, HTML

George Mitrevski-cloze, html, exercises

Lefteris Haritou-audio player

Miscellanea- interesting sites

Rock Art- arte rupestre

Stephen Hawking's Universe


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