Edgarda D'Adda

Edgarda D'adda was a woman composer. More news very soon.

The first piece I'm going to publish, from the Edgarda D'Adda manuscript, is a duet, made to match a Largo by Gotthold Ephraim Sautscheck ( you can recognize it by the "harpsichord" midi, the first lute)

Largo per due liuti della Signora Edgarda D'Adda-two lutes-MIDI

There is another version, though, made by Alessia Aldobrandini:

Largo per due liuti della Signora Alessia Aldobrandini-two lutes-MIDI

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If you like it, ask for the pdf, to play with baroque lute or archlute ( say which one you would like and whose- a Renaissance 10 course will do)

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