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[AEdit] [Airy Secrets] [AXARScan] closes
Today (February 15 2003) our small team is officially disbanded. All activities are suspended until further advice.

Disaffection started some months ago: nobody like to work almost for free... forever. I can blame nobody: as it is, does not work. I must admit it. And I too, I give up now. It is fool to insist in this direction. I invested all myself here, like a love, but I also can no longer sacrifice social relations, sleep and health for about nothing.

I'd like to thank everyone who supported and especially the old team, beta testers, and registered users.

Alberto Berardi

autotypes and manages your passwords, protecting them by using 256 bit algorithms.

v4.0 r6 Lite Download (355Kb - freeware)
It is freeware, but reduced to five passwords at maximum.
You can also order Airy Secrets Pro. Credit card ordering available through the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, provided by ShareIt!.

- Language modules
- What is new in this version
- Help on-line, tutorial.
- Awards

v3.0 r8
- Download (328Kb - freeware)

Main Features

  • This software remembers and types login names and passwords for you: when you press an hot key Airy Secrets fills out the required entries for you. You can use its autowrite feature in wordprocessor too.
  • Random password generator.
  • Your list is written to an strong encrypted file.
  • It can minimize and become a tray icon
  • It can connect to your login web pages
  • Installer/Uninstaller included. N.B.: it doesn't require and doesn't install additional DLLs in your Windows folder.
  • Auto load with Windows (optional)

    A very fast free word-processor, that includes text encryption and spell checker. It is compact, and simple to use. Everything is within reach.

    AEdit 5.0 (beta 1)
    - Main features - What is new
    - Download (396Kb - freeware).

    AEdit SX (v4.0-SX r3)
    - Download (1,37Mb - freeware) ultra-fast version, with Spell Checker (+ english dictionary) and Print Preview/Setup
    - Download (259Kb - freeware) only the wordprocessor.

    AEdit 3.7
    - Link (page 2)

    Additional modules (please extract them in the folder of AEdit)
    Upload dateFile (download)VersionSizeShort Description
    Dec-06-2001Zip DLLs1.6.0114KbDocument compression
    Feb-14-2002Spell Checker3.0 r1187KbSpell checker module (it requires at least a dictionary)
    Feb-14-2002AXARPrint1.0 r1213KbPrint, print preview, and printer setup with headers and footers. Compatible with Airy Secrets
    Jun-28-2001Dictionariesn/a700KbDictionaries for the spell checker
    n/aLanguage Modulesn/an/aSoftware localization

    Hexadecimal editor, that can list the strings contained in a file. Easy to use as a text editor

    AXARScan v4.1 r1
    - Main features - What is new
    - Download (421Kb - freeware)
    - Language modules

    AXARScan v1.5
    A DOS version, which is included in the Vigra OS package and works as text editor too. Freeware: free software to download! Download a free password manager - Download a free hexadecimal editor - Download a free word processor -

    More software: BioDrive, AutoBAT-VigraOS, AXAR_WinMap, IridType...

    ©2002 AXAR Team