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The following free software (freeware) is no longer developed, even if minor updates are still possible. Moreover no support is provided.
List: [BioDrive] [IridType] [VigraOS] [AXAR_WinMap] [AEdit 3.x]
BioDrive [top]
Artificial life and artificial intelligence

You can edit the brains of the animals

The editor of the brain BioDrive CMB
v2.5 r9 (193 Kb - freeware) 
Artificial Life Links
  • It can simulate up to 3600 animals and vegetals.
  • Sexual reproduction and mutations (you can change the radiations level in order to  increase the evolution speed)
  • A 256-neurons brain drives and controls the animals. It changes from generation to generation and you can also modify it manually
  • Graphics and statistical data shows how the population growth and the available resources infuence each other

  • AutoBat-ViGraOS (updated: Nov-14-2000) [top]

    A DOS graphic interface, useful when Windows is out of order or when you want to launch old games.

    Under Windows it works as alternative DOS prompt.

    v8.5 r3 + Help Browser 2.2 (381 Kb - freeware)
  • It requires only 400 Kb of base-RAM and can run under Windows
  • AXARScan v1.5 (text and hexadecimal editor)
  • Help Browser 2.2
  • Screen savers
  • Integrated calculator

  • Popup-menus (right click) and tray-bar

  • The file manager uses a powerful file filter and opens files with a single click (or like Windows 95 double-click and single-click to rename).
  • Old command lines are stored in a file, so you can retrieve it after you boot your PC
  • Future updates
    The first version was born in the 1993 in order to supply a fast and intuitive interface to the DOS. Its developement ended since Win 95 arrived, but sometimes AutoBat is still useful, so little updates are possible.

    IridType (updated Apr-04-2002) [top]
    Text effect generator (output: HTML code and graphic file).

    IridType III

    IridType 3.0
    Download (284 Kb - freeware)
    What is new in this version
    Graphic plugins

    IridType 1.1
    This is the first DOS version
    Download (65 Kb - freeware)

    AEdit 3 (updated Oct-27-2000) [top]
    Free word-processor, which includes text encryption and spell checker

    - AEdit 3.7 & Utilities (591 Kb - freeware) Includes: AEdit v3.7r2 + Dictionary Manager v1.9 + the dictionary file English(Nov2000).
    Single files:
    - AEdit v3.7 r2 (333 Kb)
    - AEdit v3.2 r1 (312 Kb)
    - Dictionary Manager v1.9 (159 Kb)
    - English Dictionary (159 Kb) includes 23682 words, updated Nov-14-2000.

    Of course, you can find a much better version in the main page

    AXAR_WinMap (updated Nov-28-2001) [top]
    Windows folder monitor, uninstaller (multi-language: Italian and English)

    Windows 95/98 version. Download
    (v2001 r2, 420 Kb - freeware).

    Windows 3.1 version. Download
    (v2.3, 203 Kb - freeware).

    Features - More details - Version history
    • It tracks what is installed or removed in the Windows folder (it creates a "map" for each application)
    • Real-time background tracking (v2001)
    • Super uninstallation: you can verify if all files have been removed by their own uninstaller, remove them and uninstall those applications which do not have an uninstaller.
    • Management of autorunning software (v2001)
    • File information (it helps you to identify those files that uninstallers ask you to remove or keep).
    • Integrated trash-can





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