18% of the Population Receive Only 4% of the Development Budget

Arab citizens of Israel receive only 4% of the development budget

Comprising over 18% of the population, Arab citizens of Israel receive only 4% of the development budget As earnest discussions and debates regarding the Israeli State budget for 2001 begin in the Parliament, Mossawa Center, The Advocacy Center for Arab Citizens in Israel, is leading a campaign along with Arab MK‚s and local councils to receive, at bare minimum, the assistance package promised under the last government (22.10.2001), known as the „4 billion programš. These funds would have provided 4 billion shekels (975 million dollars) over the next four years toward essential developmental projects in Arab towns and villages. Although, regarded as „too little, too lateš, had the measures been enacted, the percentage designated toward Arab citizen‚s development would have risen to 8%, an improvement, but still well below the Arab proportion of Israel‚s society, 18%. However, to the dismay of Mossawa and other Arab leaders, this plan, which followed on the heals of the demonstrations and subsequent killings of 13 Arab citizens, was never enacted. Due to official limits toward Arab development already in existence, including discriminatory building demolitions and substantially less money allocated for Arab education, housing, employment and social services. According to the data released, of the 26 towns with unemployment peaking above 10%, 23 of these are Arab. The figure is often significantly higher than 10%. Kafr Manda, an Arab town in the Galilee, illustrated a deplorable 21.4% unemployment rate. Crucial funds toward revamping the education system and infrastructure development must not once again be denied to Arab citizens of Israel. The Arab parties, local councils and Mossawa Center call upon the Israeli government to stop the systematic discrimination against the Arab minority and to include this assistance package in the official budget for 2001. The following is the list of the 26 towns with unemployment higher than 10%: 1.Kfar Manda 21.4% Arab city, Galilee 2.Kabol 19.7% Arab city, Galilee 3.Ein Mahel 19.2% Arab city, Galilee 4.Tamra 18.6% Arab city, Galilee 5.Shefaram 14.6% Arab city, Galilee 6.Eibilin 14.5% Arab city, Galilee 7.Yafa 14.4% Arab city, Galilee 8.Tal Sheva 14.4% Arab city, Negev 9.Dir Hana 14.1% Arab city, Galilee 10.Jdaide Ų Maker 14.1% Arab city, Galilee 11.Rahat 13.8% Arab city, Galilee 12.Kfar Kana 13.7% Arab city, Galilee 13.Nazareth 13.6% Arab city, Galilee 14.Sakhnin 12.6% Arab city, Galilee 15.Ashkelon 11.8% Jewish city, Negev 16.Dimona 11.7% Jewish city, Negev 17.Elazazmi 11.5% Arab city, Negev 18.Aka 10.9% Arab-Jewish city, Galilee 19.Eksal 10.8% Arab city, Galilee 20.Mgar 10.8% Arab city, Galilee 21.Toraan 10.7% Arab city, Galilee 22.Majdel Elkrom 10.5% Arab city, Galilee 23.Rine 10.5% Arab city, Galilee 24.Kfar Yasif 10.3% Arab city, Galilee 25.Arara 10.3% Arab city, Galilee 26.Katsrin 10% Jewish city, Golan

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