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The elimination of the Palestinian national presence > west of the Jordan River is implicit in the long-term > aims of the Israeli right wing. A violent, > apocalyptic driving-out of the entire Palestinian > population is explicitly advocated by the rightmost > political circles. What has actually been taking place > since the beginning of the 35 years of Israeli > occupation of the West Bank and Gaza Strip, but at an > unprecedented rate for the last two years, is a > systematic process of demolition of Palestinian > private and public property, and mass expropriation of > Palestinian land on behalf of settlers. The guiding > principle is the effort to minimize the size of the > area actually inhabited by Palestinians. At the same > time, huge-scale harassment has been taking place, by > means of prolonged curfews, road-blocks, humiliations, > beatings, military invasions of densely populated > areas, detentions of thousands without trial under > sub-humane conditions, obstruction of access to work, > medical care, schools and universities, and a host of > other means. The soldiers were given license to treat > any Palestinian as a potential terrorist. Millions > of Palestinians have been reduced by Israeli > government policies to life in fearsome ghettos. Most > are now subsisting under the poverty line, on savings > or handouts from humanitarian > organizations. > > The ever-intensifying oppressive measures are being > inflicted on Palestinians by the Israeli government, > ostensibly to fight terror. We unequivocally condemn > terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians. There can > be no justification for acts of violence against any > unarmed people.However, the Israeli policies are not a > way to reduce terror; rather, they promote it, as > evidenced by the dramatic increase in terror acts > during the last two years. The terror acts are then > cynically used by Prime Minister Sharon as a pretext > to inflict more damage and hardships on the > Palestinians, and to further de-legitimize their > existence in the occupied territories in the > perception of the Israelis. THE PALESTINIAN PRESENCE > STANDS IN THE WAY OF SHARON'S LIFE-LONG VISION OF > GREATER ISRAEL, WITH SETTLERS SUPPLANTING > PALESTINIANS. THIS OBJECTIVE IS TRANSPARENT TO ANYBODY > WHO FOLLOWS WHAT HIS GOVERNMENT HAS BEEN ACTUALLY > DOING, rather than listening to the frequently uttered > but empty declarations about peace intentions, "once > the security problems are solved". > > The Israeli society pays a high price for the attempts > of its politicians to extend the Israeli domination, > and for their addiction to territorial expansion. The > drive to develop Israel as a modern, productive and > tolerant society was cruelly truncated. This drive has > been evident in periods of hopeful peace negotiations > with neighboring Arab states, and with Palestnians. > Fatalistic resignation to the vicious circle of fear, > oppression, violence and counter-violence is depriving > the whole society of positive energy, forward looking > projects and hope. The drain on the state resources > by the war effort and the expansion of the settlements > and the concurrent loss of investment result in large > scale unemployment and economic recession. Large > sectors of the Israeli society are denied access to a > decent standard of living, to decent education, and to > productive integration into modern technological and > cultural world. Instead, backward-looking > ultra-nationalistic ideologies are taking firm hold on > the social and political scene. Young Israeli soldiers > sent to implement the brutal occupation measures are > likely to be morally scarred for life. > > The ongoing devastation of Palestine must be stopped, > for the sake of both Palestine and Israel. > > Prof. Zach Adam, Prof. Colman Altman, Dr. Janina > Altman, Dr. Issam Aburiya, Dr. Amotz Agnon, Dr. Shmuel > Amir, Prof Daniel Amit, Prof. Zalman Amit, Dr. Yossi > Amitay, Prof. Michael Ardon, Dr. Judith Avrahami, > Prof. (Emeritus) Shalom Baer, Dr. Outi Bat-El, Prof. > Maya Bar-Hillel, Prof. Daniel Bar-Tal, Prof Ron > Barkai, Dr. Anat Barnea , Prof. Matania Ben-Arzi, Ofra > Ben-Arzi, M.A., Dr. Shmuel Ben-Dor, Prof. Ziva > Ben-Porat, Dr. Louise Bethlehem, Prof. Anat Biletzki, > Dr. Jose Brunner, Dr. Ido Bruno, Prof. Victoria Buch, > Prof. Ruth Butler, Raz Chen-Morris, Dr. Eliot Cohen, > Dr. Raya Cohen, Dr. Veronica Cohen, Dr. Leo Corry, > Dr. Michael Dahan, Prof. David Degani, Prof. Sidra > DeKoven Ezrahi, Dr. David De-Vries, Athena Elizabeth > DeRasmo, Prof. Tommy Dreyfus, Dr. Otniel E. Dror, Dr. > Freema Elbaz-Luwisch, Prof. Emmanuel Farjoun, Dr. > Elizabeth Freund,Prof. Gideon Freudenthal, > Dr. Iris Fry , Prof. Michael Fry , Michal Gal, Prof. > Chaim Gans, Dr. Ido Geiger, Prof. Avner Giladi, Prof. > Rachel Giora, Dr. Snait Gissis, Prof. Eli Glasner, > Dr. Daphna Golan, Prof. Oded Goldreich, Dr. Ofra > Goldstein-Gidoni, Dr. Neve Gordon, Prof. Lev Grinberg > , Prof. Yossi Guttman, Dr. Ruth HaCohen, Prof. Uri > Hadar, Dr. Jeff Halper, Yuval Halperin, Shoshana > Halper, M.A., Prof Don Handelman, Prof. Galit > Hasan-Rokem, Prof. Avram Heffner, Dr. Sara Helman, Dr. > Yitzhak Hen, > Prof. Hanna Herzog, Prof. Ze'ev Herzog , Prof. Hannan > Hever, Prof. Peter Hillman, Uri Horesh, Prof. Ehud > Hrushovski, Tal Itzhaki, Prof. Eva Jablonka, > Dr. Devorah Kalekin-Fishman, Prof. Naftali Kaminski, > MD, Prof. Jacob Katriel, Prof. Tamar Katriel, > Dr. Shoshana Keiny, Prof. Baruch Kimmerling, Judy > Kupferman, Dr. Orna Kupferman, Prof. Raz Kupferman, > Dr. Ron Kuzar, Dr. Idan Landau, Prof. Hubert Law-Yone, > Daphna Levit, Joyce Livingstone, MS, > Prof. Ram Loevy , Dr. Orly Lubin, Haim Luski, Prof. > Ruth Manor, Prof Uri Maor, Dr. Anat Matar, Dr. Nina > Mayorek, Dr. Sara Meilijson , Prof. Isaac Meilijson, > Prof. Amnon Meisels, Prof. Ben Tzion Munitz, Dr. > Doron Narkiss, Prof. (Emeritus) Gad Nathan, Dr. Isaac > (Yanni) Nevo, Prof. Ami Oren, Prof. Avraham Oz, Ronie > Parciack, Dr. Nurit Peled-Elhanan, > Prof. Yoav Peled, Dr. Kobi Peter, Dr. Yuri Pines, Dr. > Uri Ram , Dr. Amnon Raz-Krakotzkin, Dr. Ofra Rechter, > Prof. Ya'acov Ritov, Dr. Daniel Rohrlich, Prof Freddie > Rokem, Dr. Dana Ron, Dr. Moshe Ron, > Prof. Tova Rosen, Dr. Maya Rosenfeld, Dr. Zeev Rotem, > Dr. Amalia Sa'ar, Dr. Ilan Saban, Prof. Benny Shanon, > Dr. Nita Schehet, Dr. Christoph Schmidt, Prof. Avraham > Schweiger, Dr. Gideon Shelach, Ricki Shiv, Prof. Moshe > Shokeid, Prof. Idan Segev, Prof. Leon Sheleff, Rinah > Sheleff, M.A., Prof. Nomi Shir, Prof. David Shulman, > Prof. Anna Sfard, Marcos Wasem, Dr. Amiel Vardi, Dr. > Vered Vinitzky, Renata Wolfson, M.A., > Smadar Tabenkin-Ezer, M.A., Dr. Zvi Tauber, > Dr. Dudy Tzfati, Rakefet Zalashik, > Dr. Niza Yanay, Dr. Michael Yogev, Prof. Joseph > Zeira, Dr. Moshe Zuckermann, Prof. Moshe Zimmermann > ------------------------------------------------------------ > > > To make this message effective, please send a copy of > the appeal to politicians and media you feel close to. > Also you could take inspiration from internet sites: > > Israeli embassies > > > US Congress: > > command=congdir US Senate > > > Contact information for European Governments > > > Permanent Missions to the United Nations > > Many of e-mail addresses of UN missions are formatted > as follows: , , > , , , > etc > > > > > > _______________________________________________ > If you got this forwarded and you want to subscribe, send mail to > > > > and write "subscribe" in the subject line. > > -- > > To unsubscribe, send mail to > > > > and write "unsubscribe" in the subject line. > > For assistance: > >