6 Nov 2001

URGENT ALERT Israeli Soldiers Kill Captured Palestinians

November 6, 2001 At noon today in the village of Tal near Nablus, two Palestinians injured by Israeli gunfire, and a third uninjured Palestinian were captured by Israeli forces. Israeli soldiers refused the Palestinians access to medical treatment while nurses stood by 50 meters away. According to the Palestinian Red Crescent Society and to Rafidia Government Hospital, the three Palestinians were shot in the head at close range. Iyad Odeh Khatib (22) and Jamal Abu Malouh (28) initially sustained injuries during a clash that was taking place near an Israeli military outpost in the Palestinian village of Tal. An Israeli soldier was also shot during the clash. According to the Palestinian Red Crescent Society, an ambulance was sent to the scene and Red Crescent nurses found the critically injured Israeli officer. After receiving permission from the Israeli soldiers, the nurses attempted to resuscitate him. They were unable to save his life. The nurses informed the Israeli soldiers that they were aware of injured Palestinians only 50 meters away, and asked permission to treat them as well. The soldiers reportedly told them that in fact two Palestinians were injured, and that a third had been captured uninjured. The soldiers refused the nurses permission to reach and treat the wounded. The nurses report that they heard gunfire soon after and saw seven or eight soldiers standing in a half circle and shooting at the ground. The soldiers reportedly informed the nurses that the Palestinians were now dead. Twenty-five minutes later, the soldiers allowed the nurses access to the bodies. They found that all three men, including Ali Ibrahim Abu Hijleh (28) had been shot in the head. Israeli soldiers not only denied the Palestinian men access to medical treatment (while the Israeli officer was treated by Palestinian medical personnel) but also shot the men in the head at close range, after their capture. This immoral and outrageous act can be likened to assassinating prisoners of war. We urgently call upon the international community to demand that Israel stop acting with complete impunity and disregard for international law and to implement an international investigation of this savage behavior. For more information contact Mustafa Barghouthi, 050-254-218 and see www.palestinemonitor.org