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Each product is manufactured in France, very well finished
and 100% cotton made.
Each botton is  fabric covered and finishings are realised
in cotton edge.
Trousers have rubber band waist, dresses and overalls are zip fastened.

The Indian Girl


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6. The Indian Girl :

Two colours dress front fastened with binding and fringes, waist tightened with a cord; lower part made of two different colours pieces, bag with fringes to be worn across one's back, head-band with binding and long black plaits.
4/6 and 6/8 years old.



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9. Pinocchio : 
Shirt with flounced collar and short pants with appliqué fabric-flowers which center is a sharp-pointed botton, like front ones, cap with cushion on the low part. 
2/4 and 4/6 years old.