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Each product is manufactured in France, very well finished
and 100% cotton made.
Each botton is  fabric covered and finishings are realised
in cotton edge.
Trousers have rubber band waist, dresses and overalls are zip fastened.



The Fireman

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21. Cinderella : 
Transparency effects with an assortment of cotton and rainbow-coloured gauze for this dress entirely bordered with white bias. Long gloves and crown embroidered with pearls.

4/6 and 6/8 years old.  back

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22. Carmen : 
Dress with flounces and lace shawl  bordered with fringes. Completed with a fan.

4/6 and 6/8 years old.back



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23. Josephine : 
Empire style, refined dress  in taffeta with organza stole, embellished with little bows and pompons

4/6 and 6/8 years old. back


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24. The Fireman : 
A mixture of european and american styles for an international fireman, made of trousers and jacket with belt both trimmed with reflecting bands, together with a silvery fabric helmet

4/6 and 6/8 years old. back