Bartoli factory was born in the fifties in Massa Marittima, in the heart of the Tuscan "Marmma". It owes its experience to its promoter, Pietro Bartoli, who in the twenties, ata a young age, mastered the art of carving pipes from briar.

Pietro Bartoli and his son Mauro, managed in the mid-seventies to export pipes all over the wold and to make the Bartoli brand appreciated as a guaranty of hight quality.

Daniela today, thanks to his experience brings new vital energy and new ideas for the natural evolution of the firm. They personally oversee the accurate handicraft that this product needs and enrich the traditional pproduction of pipes with a wide and varied range of briar articles..


Every Bartoli item is realized exlusively in "Erica Arborea" briar, a wild shrub which is typical of the Mediterrean bush and is native of Corsica, Calabria, Tuscany and Greece.

The briar is subterranean outgrowth of the plant rooot, which is to be at least 20 years old to have the right qualities of compactness and resistance to combustion.

It's only after a long and natural seasoning, however, that the briar is ready to be trasformed by Bartolis' craftmanship.

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