Alessandro Bagnasco


Born about thirty years ago after the hotel school he has been working in Germany, Switzerland and cruise ships always looking for himself and love. Now  is involved in the Bar Vela since three years for about fifteen hours a day. His hobbies (if he could have spare time) are: computer, travel, books, tennis, scuba diving and cinema. 



It is not possible for us to reveal the age of this wonderful girl that since three years is Alessandro's precious partner in the Bar. She also asked us not to say anything about her private life, except that she has a twelve years old son e and that her hobbies are nice clothes and jewelry (like every female, I guess). She can sew very well, but is a terrible cook. At the Bar she always wear pants and put skirts only a few times in the year. In this cases the Bar incomes increase like never else... 


Vilma Menardi