Lato A Lato B Etichetta e serie
Please please me Ask Me Why Parlophon - QMSP 16346
She loves you I'll Get You Parlophon - QMSP 16347
Ps I love you I Want To Hold Your Hand Parlophon - QMSP 16351
Twist and shout Misery Parlophon - QMSP 16352
From me to you Devil In Her Heart Parlophon - QMSP 16355
Can't buy me love You Can't Do That Parlophon - QMSP 16361
A hard day's night Things We Said Today Parlophon - QMSP 16363
Thank you girl All My Loving Parlophon - QMSP 16364
And I Love Her If I Fell Parlophon - QMSP 16365
I Should Have Known Better Tell me Why Parlophon - QMSP 16367
No Reply Baby's in Black Parlophon - QMSP 16370
Rock And Roll Music I'll Follow The Sun Parlophon - QMSP 16371
I Fell Fine Kansas City Parlophon - QMSP 16372
Eight Days A Week I'm A Loser Parlophon - QMSP 16377
Ticket To Ride Yes It Is Parlophon - QMSP 16378
Long Tall Sally She's A Woman Parlophon - QMSP 16381
Help ! I'm Down Parlophon - QMSP 16383
I Need You Dizzy Miss Lizzy Parlophon - QMSP 16385
Yesterday The Night Before Parlophon - QMSP 16384
We Can Work It Out Day Tripper Parlophon - QMSP 16888
Michelle Run For Your Life Parlophon - QMSP 16389
Paperback Writer Rain Parlophon - QMSP 16394
Yellow Submarine Eleanor Rigby Parlophon - QMSP 16397
Girl Nowhere Man Parlophon - QMSP 16398
Penny Lane Strawberry Fields Forever Parlophon - QMSP 16404
All You Need Is Love Baby You Are A Rich Man Parlophon - QMSP 16408
Hello Goodbye I Am The Walrus Parlophon - QMSP 16415
Magical Mistery Tour You Mother Should Know Parlophon - QASE 0100/0101
Lady Madonna The Inner Light Parlophon - QMSP 16243
Hey Jude Revolution Emi Parlophone - QMSP 16433
Una Sensazionale Intervista 3 Dischi Apple Apple - DPR 108
Get Back Don't Let Me Down Apple - QMSP 16454-3C006 04084
The Ballad Of John & Joho Old Brow Shoe Apple - QMSP 16456-3C006 04018
Come Together Something Apple - QMSP 16461-3C006 04266
Let It Be You Know My Name Apple - QMSP 16347-3C006 04353
Please Please Me Ask Me Why Emi Parlophone - 3C006 04451
Long And Winding Road For Your Blue Apple - 3C006 04514
All Together Now Hey Bulldog Apple - 3C006 04982
Got To Get You Into My Life Helter Skelter Emi Parlophone - 3C006 06167
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts..... With A Little Help From My..... Emi Parlophone - 3C006 06843
The Beatles Movie Medley I'm Happy Just To Dance With... Emi Parlophone - 3C006 07627
Ain't She Sweet If You Love Me Baby Polydor NH 52317
My Bonnie Ya Ya Polydor NH 54780
Please Please Me From me To You Vee Jay - VJ581
Do You Want To Know A Secret Thank You Girl Vee Jay - VJ587
Twist And Shout There's A Place Tollie Records 9001
Love Me Do Ps I Love You Tollie Records 9008
My Bonnie Yesterday Fratelli Fabbri Editori CPB73