THE FIREMAN (PAUL MC'CARTNEY) Nel corso del Web Show ha rilasciato una intervista, o meglio le risposte alle domande sono state passate a mezzo bigliettini ad una ragazza seduta sul divano posto di fronte alla telecamera (THE FIREMAN si seduto per qualche istante vicino a lei ma senza pronunciare una sola parola), questa ne la trascrizione completa

Q: How do you classify your music?

A: Ambient dreams in rainbow arches describe the circles of the Fireman

Q: What is the significance of the naked woman on the inner sleeve of Rushes?

A: The symbolism of the unknown naked woman is an ancient mystery. We do not have her number.

Q: What inspired you to do this album?

A: Night skies, flowing streams and whipped cream fire extinguishers.

Q: What is the Fireman's musical bent and where did he learn to play so fluidly?

A: Hidden in the Rushes the Fireman smooths his bent hose daily.

Q: Maybe I'm just not deep enough but I just don't get the Web Page. Could you explain?

A: The purpose is to meet you at your fireplace.

Q: How many instruments were used making Rushes?

A: Countless numbers

Q: Are the sounds of the horses on Paulo Verde taped from the sounds of your horses?

A: Live wild horses rushed past our mike. They are owned by no one.

Q: How did the Fireman get his nickname?

A: The Fireman is no nickname - simply a warm place in the head.

Q: What would you consider the best listening conditions for the new music?

A: Best conditions vary from planet to planet.

Q: So what is Fireman? You said we wouldn't believe... briefs, boxers, union shorts; non-women edibles?

A: The answer is... what is your question Oh naked one?

Q: A clue to the new direction? Can we expect more of the same?

A: More of the same would involve less of the rest.

Q: Is it your intention for the music to be played when people relax and what is influenced by you?

A: News of cosmic relaxation influence all decisions made by the burning man.

Q: Does the sentence "The Fireman is no mason" use an anagram to say 'The Fireman is soon man'?

A: No, no it ain't no anagram.

Q: How is your belly for spots?

A: The Fireman's belly is clear and facing towards a bright future.