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Beta Publishing House was established in 1944 in Bergamo by G. Roberto Badalamenti who is still at its head. Its aim is finding new authors that, as it's right, could stand as candidates for the highest peaks of literature. A proof of this is the fact that even Salvatore Quasimodo and Eugenio Montale wrote on its journal "Quadrante Italico". Two Nobel winners are not something worthless, and many more writers made their first appearance on Beta Publishers, achieving ramarkable goals.

Moreover the Publishing House is concerned with the diffusion of an invention made by its Editor. This invention is about an instrument called Scomposit, it's the only instrument in the world able to factorize prime numbers at first sight. The teaching utility of this instrument is undoubted for Primary and Secondary School's students. Moreover Scomposit obtained recognition by authoritative international organizations such as European Center of Education and CNR.

For further informations about Scomposit and to become its agent in Italy or abroad , for the purchase and the publication of new works please write to

Edizioni Beta
Via Sarnano, 24 - 00156
TEL. 39-6-411.50.53 Fax 39-6-410.32.93
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