The next generation of grout to
enhance your sample panels.

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PlasterFlex is the new product that solves the problem of applying grout to sample panels /display boards for ceramics exhibitors.
The aim is to eliminate all inconveniences noticed by ceramics and sampling manufacturers when using cement or epoxy base products to apply grout on panels, such as:
Breaking and breakaway of the joint from the panel,
Aesthetic result of the sample,
Long working times,
High working costs,
Difficult cleaning of the panel,
Toxicity of products used.

PlasterFlex is characterised by the following properties:

  • Silicone product that, after total hardening, maintains an excellent coefficient of elasticity so as to stand impacts, vibrations and sudden changes in temperature without losing the adhesion to the joint.
  • Reduced working times thanks to the extreme cleanness of the product that, if applied by means of the pneumatic pistol or by hand with a spatula, does not soil the laid ceramic, thus avoiding washings for the final cleaning of the panel.
  • Rapid application of the product in the joints. Rapid cleaning of the finished panel. Complete utilisation of the product without wastes.


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