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Accugenix A contract testing lab offering microbial identification and characterization by genetic sequencing

Ambion Incorporated

Amersham - products

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BD Biosciences "Offers innovative products and services for research and applied Microbiology, Molecular Biology, Immunology and Cell Biology fields. BD Biosciences combines the strengths of many familiar companies to offer you the best source for your bioscience research and applications"

Biacore A leader in the field of molecular interactions

Boehringer Mannheim (Roche) - 1998 Catalog

Biocompare.com Biocompare.com provides unbiased life science product reviews, product comparisons, and product purchasing as a consumer guide to the life science community

Chifergen Biosystems, Inc. This company is developing an innovative Protein Chip Technology




CRS Robotics CRS designs and manufactures automated robotic genomic workstations for DNA purification and amplification as well as other genome-related assays. Clients include The Joint Genome Institute, The Institute for Genomic Research,The Austrailian Genome Project and several university labs


Eppendorf Scientific, inc.

FLUKA Catalog (Search page)



Glaxo Wellcome

Grace Bio-Labs,Inc. Manufacturer of innovative labware for molecular cell biology. Slide based incubation chambers, for cytochemisty, in situ hybridiztion, microarrays and cell culture

Hamamatsu Photonics

Hope Laboratories Hope Laboratories manufactures ELISA components and accessories intended for further manufacturing or research use. Products include reagents for infectious and autoimmune diseases, thyroid function, tumor markers, fertility tests, and opioid peptides

Hybaid Molecular Biology

Infectio Diagnostics Diagnostic kits based on DNA technologies to detect and identify common bacterial pathogens and associated antibiotic resistance genes.You can now order purified genomic DNA preparations from 395 different species of microorganisms. We have made 508 purified genomic DNA preparations available for online order through the IDI Website


Immune Source

Immunology Consultants Laboratory, Inc: Antibody Production Bulk producer of polyclonal antibodies and antigens. Human proteins animal proteins, epitope tags, infectious diseases, conjugates

Improvision An international company with an established reputation for the development of award winning software for scientific imaging. Products include Openlab for imaging of cell structure and function and Phylum for scientific image management

Invitrogen Web Resource

Iteco Engineering
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LabVelocity LabVelocity is providing the scientific community the premier online system to find, compare and procure the resources required to make research easier. By bringing together information services in a fully integrated fashion, LabVelocity accelerates the process of scientific discovery. Services available include product search tools, comparison tables, experimental protocols, commonly used reference tables, detailed maps of DNA vectors, conversion calculators and other software tools. LabVelocity users also have the option to create a highly customized homepage. After setting up personal research "agents," users receive daily news feeds from established publishers. In addition, users can search Medline and create their own automated literature searches based on areas of research and interest.

Life Technologies



New England Biolabs, Inc.

5 prime, Inc.


Protein Sciences Corporation Baculovirus Expression Systems

Pharmacia Molecular Biology catalog

Research Genetics

R&D Systems

Roche Bioscience

Sequitur, Inc. Specialist in Antisense technology

SIGMA Catalog (Search page)

Silico Research Silico Research is a client and vendor independent IT analysis company focusing on the life sciences. The company's core product is the e-R&D Insights Advisory Programme. e-R&D Insights consists of a series of technology research analyses covering topics such as data integration, bioinformatics and modeling and simulation technologies together with supporting advisory services for senior executives


The Antibody Resource Page Suppliers, custom antibodies, educational resources on immunoglobulins and more Ab-related stuff

Washington Biotechnology Inc. A Washington, D.C. based Contract Research Organization (CRO) offering In Vivo Preclinicals and Research, Quality Control, and Regulatory Services for United States FDA submissions



Anderson's Webalog








Meetings for year 2000: listing at Biolinks

Meetings for year 2001: listing at Biolinks

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Meetings & Courses

Gordon Research Conferences Home Page

Genome & Biotechnology Meetings Calendar at ORNL

Euroconferences (Institut Pasteur)

Faseb Meetings

Keystone Symposia

Meetings listing at LifeScience Connect

Meetings listing page at Hum-Molgen

6th European Congress on Virus Evolution and Molecular Epidemilogy (4-9 Sept 2000, Belgium)

18th International Natural Killer Cell Workshop+6th Annual Meeting of the Society for Natural Immunity. (5-9 May 2000, Marseille, France)

ELSO 2000






Molecular Biology Protocols @goaa.gov

Molecular Biology Protocols @dartmouth.edu 

Protocols at the RBB dept of Genetics Groningen, the Netherlands. Nice site 

Protocol Online Very good! Subdivided by arguments: DNA, RNA, Protein, DNA-Protein interaction, Organelles, carbohydrates, Bacteria, Yeast, PCR, Cell culture....

Molecular Biology Today protocols section

Current Protocols Home Page Online resource for respected publications on laboratory methods in human genetics, protein science, toxicology, immunology, biochemistry, molecular biology and more. A classical resource.



Protocols for recombinant DNA isolation, cloning and sequencing Web version of "DNA Isolation and Sequencing" (Essential Techniques Series) by Bruce A. Roe, Judy S. Crabtree and Akbar S. Khan Published by John Wiley & Sons

Blunt-end cloning of PCR products by Andrea Cabibbo







Cellmail A free service from the Bio-Web. Provides you with a web-based e-mail account accessible from everywhere. Also includes a calendar service that allows you to keep track of your schedule directly on the web. Sign-Up now!

Panda Mail Access you regular POP account mail from any computer with a web browser. No registration required. Great!

USA.net mail Get a webmail account! Once registered, you have access to a free service that can automatically collect the messages from your regular POP account(s) so that you can read them while "on the road"


iDrive Store your files on the net and retrieve them from anywhere! Free service. Provides 25Mb storage that can be increased by various means. The shared folder of your idrive account is a powerful way to exchange files with colleagues and friends. File upload and download are performed through a secure connection so that data cannot be observed by third parties while in transit

FreeDrive "At Freedrive you can retrieve, and share 50 megabytes of any type of data for FREE -- documents, spreadsheets, zip files, databases, image files, MP3's -- whether it's for school, work, personal use, or just for fun"

FreeDiskSpace.com You can get 300Mb of internet disk space by providing a few personal details and accepting to recieve periodic e-mails. Otherwise, 25Mb.


Yahoo! Meteo Sito italiano

Yahoo! Weather English version


Virgilio: Mappe delle citta' italiane Maps of italian towns

Yahoo! Maps Maps of USA towns


Orario Ufficiale delle Ferrovie dello Stato Italian Railroad timetable

SSB Travel online Swiss Railroad timetable. Queries for all europe

The Train Line Find out times, book tickets or reserve seats for any train operator in mainland UK


Currency converter @Yahoo! - Convertitore di valuta






GgBiotehNet imageAgBiotechNet Delivers an wide range of content on plant and animal biotechnology. It provides easy access to information on cloning, genomics, genetic engineering, in vitro culture, biosafety, intellectual property rights and all key issues in agricultural biotechnology. Includes news, reviews, book chapters, reports, abstracts, calendar, jobs and conference material. Great site, alway up-to-date on the latest developments of this growing field of research.

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Biomednet  The biologists on-line club

Biomedpage "Biomedpage is a non-commercial information center for scientists, pupils and amateurs. It includes a collection of methods in molecular biology, access to many biological databases, including Medline, and lots of interesting and amazing links. Biomedpage also has the largest collection of yeast two-hybrid system resources on the web. Biomedpage is bilingual (German and English)".

Bioresearch Online "The premier Internet source of useful and timely information for the worldwide bioresearch and life sciences industries". Includes a great News section

BioView BioView is a comprehensive biotechnology employment site with thousands of job listings in all disciplines, including research, development, regulatory affairs, clinical research, quality assurance/quality control, validation, and manufacturing/production. The site also contains a BioJob Search Agent which allows job seekers to have jobs matching their profiles emailed to them and a resume database where candidates can place their resumes for review by industry professionals. The site also contains career resources and links, company information and industry news which is updated daily.

Breve corso di Batteriologia In italiano. Ottimo sito ricco di informazioni inerenti alla batteriologia

Is it possible to prevent plagiarism by determining if a term paper has been copied from the Internet or from another class? It is now.Check out at Plagiarism.org

ChemSoc The Chemistry Societies Network

East Carolina University Glassblowing Services An educational and instructional website on scientific glassblowing. Tutorial, diagrams, resources, tables and data. Offers basic scientific glassblowing instruction for the novice glassblower. Useful for those making simple repairs to laboratory glassware. Great!

Electronic Journals

Genome Jobs "Genome Jobs is the central resource for employment in Genomics, Bioinformatics, Biotechnology and Biocomputing. We have listings of great career opportunities in Industry and Academia to save you time and help sharpen your focus"

Genomics: a global resource Brought by: The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA)

Internet Biologists A non-profit organisation dedicated to distance learning of biology and use of the resources available on the Internet

LifeScience Connect "Providing a single gateway to: world wide e-mail directory, job opportunities, meetings calendar, links to video libraries, databases and websites for journals, institutions and agencies"

Medscape A great medical website. Excellent medline and search engine

MIT Biology Hypertextbook A complete Biology textbook online. Great educational resource

MolBio.org   "The MolBio.org News Service allows anyone to post news items. In addition, anyone can post comments directed against any news item. The idea is that MolBio.org will become an easy and essential resource for staying current in the fields of molecular biology and bioinformatics"

List of newsgroups available under BioNet

HUM-MOLGEN "HUM-MOLGEN is a moderated, interactive communication and information listserver in Human Genetics. It is available over the Internet. At this time (April '99), more than 5,000 subscribers and 40,000 WWW users from 80 countries participate at this forum"

Virol.net A support site for virologists aiming to publish internationally. Cool

Webster Dictionary On-Line

Thesaurus Dictionary On-Line

Science Advisory Board A worldwide panel of over 4,100 life science and medical professionals. The opinions of members influence the development of new technologies for research and clinical applications

SciWeb Online resources for biotechnology professionals

Solid State NMR in Biology Maintained by James Mason, Biomembrane structure unit (Prof. A. Watts), Department of Biochemistry, University of Oxford, UK

The Forensic DNA Home Page Don't miss that one!

The Xenotransplantation Network Contains all you need to know in the field of xenotransplantation






Paolo Amati Rome, University "La Sapienza". Present projects in Amati's lab include:
- Polyoma virus Large T oncogene interaction with cell cycle control and in vitro muscle differentiation.
- Expression of the autocrine loop of met kinase receptor and its ligand HGF-SF in muscle cells during active growth and differentation.
- Investigating the role of the Polyoma major capsid protein VP1 in the regulation of early viral gene expression through binding to host nuclear matrix.

Phil Andrews The Andrews Lab, University of Michigan, US. A Proteomics Group. "One major focus of this laboratory has been the development of new technologies for comprehensive analysis of the responses of living cells to their environment at the molecular level. In particular, ones that can link protein structure information to genome sequence. The initial goal has been to achieve ultra-high throughput analysis of the majority of the proteins present in cells"

Jean Beggs University of Edimburgh , UK. " We are studying pre-mRNA splicing in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Pre-mRNA splicing takes place in a very large RNA-protein complex, the spliceosome, within which there are several subparticles, each composed of a small nuclear RNA (snRNA) and a set of proteins. During spliceosome assembly and during the course of the splicing reactions, many dynamic RNA-RNA interactions occur and are apparently regulated by proteins(...). We are investigating molecular interactions in the spliceosome and identifying novel splicing factors, using both biochemical and genetic approaches, including in vitro reconstitution of snRNPs, UV crosslinking and two-hybrid interaction screens". The site hosts the RNA WebRing

Francesco Blasi DiBit-HSR, Milano

The Burton Group At EBI. "We work in the fied of Bioinformatics with an emphasis of the analysis and prediction of protein Structure"

Patrick O. Brown Stanford University. The Brown Lab. Contains a complete guide to microarraying for the molecular biologist

Douglas L. Brutlag Stanford University. The Brutlag Bioinformatics Group. "We are interested in the problems of predicting biological function of genes and proteins from their primary sequence, predicting structure of protein and DNA from its sequence, and understanding how and when genes are expressed"

Neil Bulleid School of Biological Sciences, Manchester, UK. Some friends from Neil's Lab

Craig M. Crews Yale University. "The broad interest of this lab is the chemical approach to biological questions. Current projects explore the mode of action of biologically active natural products in order to investigate intracellular signaling pathways and identify novel targets for drug design"

Shoukat Dedhar

Gabriel Fenteany

Riccardo Fesce

Robert Freedman

Reid Gilmore


Stephen High School of Biological Sciences, Manchester, UK. "The research in my laboratory is aimed at understanding how proteins are inserted into lipid bilayers to form biologically functional membranes. Proteins must first be targeted to the correct subcellular compartment and then inserted into the membrane of that compartment. Our studies concentrate on the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) where a large number of both integral membrane and secretory proteins are synthesised"

Ari Helenius

Linda Hendershot

Erwin Ivessa

Chris Kaiser

Ron Kopito

Armin Lahm

Harvey Lodish

The Molecular Imaging Group At the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL). Check out the "Direct Visualization of Regulatory Protein-DNA Complexes and Mutations using Atomic Force Microscopy" page. Impressive DNA-protein interaction images

Richard Morimoto

Ira Mellman

Bruce Nicholson "Our laboratory is interested in defining the structure and properties of the unique class of membrane channels called gap junctions that allow the direct passage of ions, small metabolites and secondary messengers between cells. The proteins that comprise these channels, a family called connexins in the vertebrates , are diverse in nature, with multiple members of the family being expressed in most cells and tissues"

Tom Rapoport

Mariano Rocchi

David Ron

Michael Snyder Yale University

Julie Theriot The Theriot Lab. This lab have a MISSION (possible). Check it out!

Ulrich Theopold

Anna Tramontano

Antony Watts Director of the Biomembrane Structure Unit in Oxford University, UK. The main research interests of the Watts group focus on the study of the structure of small molecules when at their site of action in membrane-bound proteins whilst in their native, fully functional form in membranes. In addition, peptides which form channels in membranes are being studied to high resolution using solid state NMR methods.



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