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About.com Biology directory
  --> Molecular Biology
  --> Cell Biology

About.com Chemistry Site Great contents, including:
- What's it Made Of? A guide to the chemical makeup of everyday items
- Basic chemistry resources on periodic tables, equation balancing, atomic structure, inorganic and organic chemistry, chemical calculators and conversion tables.
- Weekly illustrated articles
- 4000 carefully selected Net links covering over 70 topics
- A list of known poisons and their lethal doses
- A worldwide directory of university chemistry programs
- Active bulletin boards and chat rooms.

All the Virology on the WWW Comprehensive list of virology resources on the net: on-line courses, images, tutorials, journals, societies and much more!

Amos Bairock List of Links More databases exist than you ever imagined!

Art's Biotech Resource Biochemistry, Biophisics, Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics. Really cool!

Bio-WEB Biology and Biochemistry on the web: data banks, servers, softwares

Bioinformatik Bio-Informatics Links and News

Biolinks.com: the search engine for scientists

The Bio Netbook At the "Institut Pasteur". The BioNetbook is a database of bookmarks for biologists that contains more than 2500 links. These links are classified and searchable according to various criteria

BioSites A virtual catalog of selected Internet resources in the biomedical sciences. Cool

BioScience Links A recently established Bio-Directory maintained in Russia.

Cell and Molecular Biology Online Top class

Daily Diffs: Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering

Deambulum Repertoire de ressources internet. Infobiogen, France

Molecular Biology Today a new Molecular Biology peer reviewed journal with full-text available on-line and in print. MBT is now calling for papers. MBT is also a great resource for the surfing cyberbiologist --> check out those sections:
--> Bioscience jump sites and directories Biology Links. Exhaustive
--> The PCR jump station The Ultimate Resource for Links and information on the Polymerase Chain Reaction. Metods, links, references and more. Cool
--> The Ribozyme Jump Station Links and information on Ribozymes
--> The Functional Genomics Jump Station Labs, Institutes and Companies involved in Functional Genomics Projects. Includes a Sequence Analysis section

Molecular Biology and other tools Maintained by Mike Stark and Kiran Oza at Dundee University, UK. Worth a bookmark in your browser!

Molecular Biology Shortcuts Excellent collection of resources for Molecular Biologists including a local sequence analysis tools pages, a nice Bookstore and more interesting stuff

Molecular Biology Sites on the Internet At the "Weismann Institute for Science Genome and Bioinformatics"

NETSCAN The Netscan provides a periodically up-dated listing of interesting websites related to biotechnology and life sciences. The aim of Netscan is not to be just another biotech web directory. It is a true address book that covers only highly selected sites, interesting from a personal point of view. Each site is listed toghether with a short review. Most usefull. CHECK IT OUT!!

Open Directory Project/Biology

Sci-Central (Life Sciences)

ScienceDaily Magazine "Your link to the latest research news"

SciSeek "SciSeek is a great guide to the best the Internet has to offer in the fields of science and nature. Styled like a conventional Internet guide, this service lists Web sites covering subjects from agriculture and forestry to engineering, chemistry, physics and the environment"

THE BIOLIST- Molecular Biology Places of Interest (Excellent. Includes, among other useful things, a nice software section)

The Internet Public Library Biological Sciences Refererence

The RNA WebRing The RNA WebRing has been set up in order to provide links between many of the molecular biology institutions and private companies that have an interest in any aspect of RNA, including transcription, processing, export, stability and editing. People interested in RNA can easily navigate between all the RNA-related sites listed on the WebRing, as well as being able to search the sites for specific RNA-related information. This should make it much easier for both academics and students to find the latest information regarding this rapidly expanding subject

The Cell Nucleus WebRing The Cell Nucleus WebRing has been set up in order to provide links between laboratories whose research focuses on the mammalian cell nucleus. The idea is to allow visitors to navigate more easily between all the cell nucleus-related sites listed on the WebRing

The WWW virtual library: Cell Biology Very well organised. Subject pages on specific cell biology issues such as metabolism, protein biogenesis, apoptosis, cell adhesion, cell cycle, emryogenesis...By Gabriel Fenteany

The WWW virtual library: Biotechnology

The CMS Molecular Biology Resource This website is a compendium of electronic and Internet-accessible tools and resources for Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Molecular Evolution, Biochemistry, and Biomolecular Modeling. Very good!

Yahoo! Cell Biology

Yahoo! Molecular Biology

Yahoo! Neuroscience

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