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    Molecular Biology Today (MBT) A new Molecular Biology peer reviewed journal with full-text available on-line and in print. MBT is now calling for papers. MBT is also a great resource for the surfing cyberbiologist (and YOU are one, aren't you!). Check it out!!

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    Date Posted


    September 22

    Live Wires: DNA as electrical conductor

    Britannica and Slashdot

    August 24

    UCLA Chemists Report Significant Progress Toward Molecular Computers

    UCLA news and Slashdot

    August 24

    University of Texas scientists achieve skin transparency

    Houston Chronicle and Slashdot

    July 21

    Click HERE to download the human genome


    July 6

    Scientists in Australia generated some mice that are 30-40% bigger than normal by removing a gene that makes the body produce a growth-inhibiting protein

    ABC Online and Slashdot

    June 25

    Three papers in Nature Genetics discuss the issue of the number of genes in the human genome


    June 25

    The human genome project and Celera announce the completion of human genome mapping


    June 6

    A simple blood test able to detect the presence in the human body of up to 13 common cancers in their early stages will be available for sale in the United States

    May 10

    A "dark horse" private company in the US named DoubleTwist is claiming to have taken a major lead on its rivals in the race to produce a complete gene map of the human genome..

    BBC news

    May 10

    Scientists have mapped chromosome 21, the smallest human chromosome and the one associated with Down's syndrome, epilepsy, Lou Gehrig's disease and Alzheimer's.

    Wired tech news

    April 30

    Celera Genomics, which recently claimed to have finished the human genome sequence, inadvertently mixed some human genetic information with that of the fruit fly in a public database.

    Wired tech news

    April 8

    Celera completes sequencing of human genome

    Yahoo news

    March 17

    Pig cloning: the scientists who created Dolly the sheep have announced the birth of five pig clones

    BBC tech news

    March 9

    A call for genome peace: Doctors who say their patients will benefit from projects to map the human genome are anxious to see an end to squabbling...

    Wired tech news

    Feb 26

    Fuel from green algae. Power of Biotechnology!

    University of California, Berkley

    Feb 20

    Asilomar: Scientists say demands for financial gain threaten public health by concealing dangers

    Silicon News

    Feb 14

    Brain activity is visibly altered during sleep deprivation

    University of California, San Diego

    Jan 30

    Transgenic fish could threaten wild populations

    Purdue University

    Jan 30

    Researchers uncover first steps in cell-cell adhesion process

    University of Chicago Hospitals

    Jan 14

    Gene discovery may lead to treatments that prevent miscarriage

    New Scientist

    Jan 14

    DNA computer helps travelling salesman


    Jan 3

    Gene therapy will soon be tested on people with Alzheimer's

    New Scientist

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