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This software is freeware or shareware, only for Macintosh computers! Clicking on the links below will start the download

Phylum is a Mac based image archiving software product designed specifically for research and education use. It supports non standard scientific formats such as 16 bit grey scale and 48 bit color images in addition to JPEG, TIFF and PICT files. The product has an easy to use Mac interface and allows you to manage, organise and present your images in galleries, movies and hierarchical image libraries.The free version, which can be downloaded here, is a fully functional application with a limit of 5,000 images. Details on the product are available at http://www.phylumforfree.com . The product is completely free, however you will have to register in order to use it.

Amplify v1.2
This software is for use in designing, analyzing, and simulating experiments involving the polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Given a template sequence and two primers, it will predict the possible outputs of the PCR, taking into account also weak matches to the target sequence. Freeware, thanks to Bill Engels

DNAid v1.8
As the author says, "DNAid is not a heavyweight package which will run your 'just-sequenced gene' through every prediction or analysis algorithm in the known universe." However, it is a very usefull application that allows to perform all the basic manipulations of DNA sequences such as restriction mapping, translation, reverse-complement and others. Freeware, thanks to Frédéric Dardel

Clustal X provides a new window-based user interface to the popular Clustal W multiple alignment program. Performs multiple alignments of DNA and protein sequences right on your mac. Freely available to the scientific comunity

MacPlasmap v1.8.2
It draws, stores, and prints high-quality circular plasmid maps with the data you specify. Fully functional. Shareware! Please read the enclosed documents before using the application

Primers! v1.0
Primers! is a very popular Macintosh utility to aid scientists in picking precisely the PCR oligos which fit their needs.Imput the target sequence and a range of selection, and Primers! will sugest the best PCR primers to amplify the selected region. Shareware at your discretion, thanks to Richard J. Resnick (Apple Pi Software). Please read the "Read Me" file before using the application. Requires any Macintosh with a Color monitor and System 7 or beyond. A web version of the program can be accessed at http://www.williamstone.com/primers/ It is straigthforward to use. An advantage of the www version is that you always use the most updated version of the software.

RasMac v2.6
RasMac is the Mac version of RasMol, a molecular graphics freeware program intended for the visualisation of proteins, nucleic acids and small molecules, written by Roger Sayle.You can downlod structural coordinates for a molecule of your choice -FOR INSTANCE HERE- and view, rotate and customize the look of the molecule right on your Mac even with no structural biology background (Thank you Roger Sayle!). Great for educational purposes. An excellent web site maintained by Eric Martz, for download and informations on RasMol and CHIME, a RasMol version designed as browser plug-in, can be found HERE. Before using RasMac, please read the enclosed "Notice" file

SeqView v1.0.1
SeqVu is an alignment editor with analysis options that allows you to work quickly and simply with multiple sequences. It is ideal for manually correcting and obtaining publication-quality pictures from alignments produced using alignment software such as ClustalV or GCG pileup. Fully functional. Shareware.

Speakquencer v1.4
Speakquencer is a tool for entering and/or verifying nucleotide or amino acid sequence information. The application reads pre-existing sequences or speaks sequence as it is entered form the keyboard. Freeware, thanks to Christian Fritze

Swiss-PdbViewer 3.5 (Mac Version)
Free Molecular visualization software by Nicolas Guex and Manuel C. Peitsch. Swiss-PdbViewer is an application that provides a user friendly interface allowing to analyse several proteins at the same time. The proteins can be superimposed in order to deduce structural alignments and compare their active sites or any other relevant parts. Amino acid mutations, H-bonds, angles and distances between atoms are easy to obtain thanks to the intuitive graphic and menu interface. For informations, tutorials, and to download the viewer for other platforms (PC, SGI, Linux) visit the Swiss PdbViewer official site at expasy.

Download the user guide here Note: to be able to consult the help directly from within Swiss-PdbViewer, place the content of this folder into the Swiss-PdbViewer "_stuff_" folder.

Download DNA Strider and other Molecular Biology applications from the MB Shortcuts software section


Molecular Biology and Scietific Software

Software for Molecular Biology (Sunet) 

Software for Molecular Biology (@Weizmann)

Mac Scientific Software (A huge list! @mwn.net)

Pure Mac Molecular biology software

Art's Free Software Page (List of free software that is relevant to the Molecular Biology and Structural Biology fields. For different platforms: mac-windows-unix)


General Software

Tucows Mac Software

Pure Mac Software Collection


A couple of "PC-only" links to plasmids/genetic maps drawing applications

AcaClone pDRAW32 Freeware DNA cloning, analysis and visualisation software (Only for PCs running Windows 95, 98, NT4 or NT2000 )

Redasoft The main product of Redasoft is "Plasmid", an application designed to help in the drawing of high quality vector maps and constructs and perform DNA sequence analysis quickly and easily. Plasmid includes unique and innovative features such as an integrated web browser and the ability to instantly convert sequence files from the Internet into fully labeled graphical maps! Have a tour. (for Windows 95 / 98 / NT / 2000)


Java3D Molecular Visualisation System Is a continually developing freeware molecular visualisation tool implemented using Sun Microsystem's Java in addition to the new Java3D Application Programming Interface. JMVS is free and distributed with its Java/Java3D Source Code which may be used and modified as detailed in the source code headers.

About.com Biology Software links

Phylogeny software Some 168 phylogeny packages and 17 free servers. Infos and downloads

RASA 2.3 Update Update page for RASA software for measuring phylogenetic signal, detecting long branches, and more.

RasMol and Chime Molecular visualisation Software Download, tutorials and links

Genamics.com/Software Genamics SoftwareSeek is a respository and database of freely-distributable and commercial tools for use in molecular biology and biochemistry. Windows, MS-DOS, Mac, Unix and Linux platforms are supported, as well as online tools that run through your internet browser.

ARTICLE: "Free Software in Molecular Biology for Macintosh and MS Windows computers" By Don Gilbert, june 1998. The definitive resource.


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