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CLOSEALL   ver. 1.7 

From the Windows taskbar you can minimize but you can't close all the applications. This little utility (33 KB) just do it, asking if you want to save the data, if necessary. CloseAll places itself in the System Tray. In the readme.txt file all the new features.

Download zip file (29.3 KB)
DELTEMP   ver. 2.0 

This very simple application deletes temporary files in the WINDOWS\TEMP directory, in the AUTOEXEC.BAT specified directory ('SET TEMP=') and in a user specified directory (i.e. Netscape cache). It also cleans recent files. 
Full install - unistall. 

Download zip file(159 KB)
SHELLCHANGE   ver. 1.0 

This utility is for LiteStep users. Change the Windows 95/98 shell from Explorer to Litestep and viceversa without reboot. 

Download zip file (94.1 KB)

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