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Doreen Virtue

by Tim Miejan

This famous clairvoyant psychologist is in communication with the angels, and they tell her that an extraordinary energy shift is taking place right now inside ourselves and in the world. How to cope with it? It's always the angels who answer us in this revealing interview. Let's listen to them attentively...

- Do you have a primary topic of your workshops?

"Itís always about angelic messages. In my workshops, I spend half the time talking about angel messages and angels in general, and the second half I do readings. During readings, I talk about the angels and deceased loved ones who are around people. Deceased relatives can act like angels.

"Occasionally there will be an ascended master or intergalactic being. People studying Pleiedes will see Pleiedians around them, or if someone were working with St. Germain, it would not be unusual to see him around, because they called him. So I point out whoís around and deliver messages from the other side. The messages could be as ordinary as, 'Should I marry Bob or Bill?' to 'Why am I not happy and how can I be happy?' A lot of people are asking about their life purpose."

- Thatís becoming one of the most thought about questions, isnít it?

"It is, and I think itís a sign of the times. Thereís so much change going on. The biggest change is that people are no longer able to withstand meaningless jobs. They want to be doing something that makes their heart sing. And this new energy is not supporting parts of our lives that are out of integrity."

- Or unfilled relationships.

"Exactly. People, including those who are married, are asking me when they will meet their soulmates. Whatís going on now is what the angels call spiritually unbalanced relationships (SUR). People who are on the path with a partner whoís not on the path are miserable right now. Fortunately, if they surrender the whole relationship to whomever they are working with, whether itís God or Jesus or the angels or the saints, weíre seeing some healings occur.

"There are a lot of mystical experiences occurring, and if your partner has a mystical experience, that will put him or her on the path very quickly."

- So transformations are occurring to bring people up to speed.

"Yes, if you let go of it. If you hang onto it, and keep affirming that itís a bad relationship, that makes it more difficult for intervention to occur. So the watchwords for all of us right now are release and surrender.

"The angels are adamant about that right now. You canít hang onto things that arenít working. You have to let them go, just like youíre letting go of a letter at the post office."

- Rather than dwelling on it.

"Dwelling on it negatively doesnít help, and neither does lying about it to yourself, saying, 'I can handle it. Iím a strong person.' That doesnít help either. You have to completely release it, and mean it.

"The way I found that really works is to just say to God, 'Here, you think about this. Iím sick of it. I donít want to think about this anymore. My brain is strained. You take over.' And when you really mean that, the light comes in and something either replaces it or transforms it."

- It helps you, it helps the other person and the whole situation is transformed.

"Exactly, it becomes balanced."

- Everybody seems to be experiencing change in their lives.

"Since November, the energy has shifted. I think we expected January to be this panacea going into the new --millennium. But so many things collapsed for people in January, and it has been very rocky. A lot of folks are scared and anxious right now. Itís just that weíre cleaning out our closets and clearing out the things that donít work. That includes educational systems and the government. A lot of the institutions are going to experience big changes and we have to let them happen."

- So the general message youíre getting now for people is related to that?

"Yes, not to be frightened by the changes going on. I know Iím using the same metaphor over and over again, but when you clean out your closet, initially everything looks messier. But when you throw things out and donate them, then you have order. Thatís exactly what weíre all going through right now, getting rid of the old stuff in our lives that doesnít work anymore.

"Perhaps itís your job, your relationships, your relationship with yourself and your body or your home. Weíre being forced to look at whatís not working and let it go. If we hang onto it and lie to ourselves, itís going to get more and more painful from the fear. Our hands are being forced open by this energy."

- And what isnít working is becoming more and more obvious.

"Yes, and the angels say itís going to get more and more painful for people who are afraid to let go. They say the pain will be excruciating by October if you guys donít let go now."

- And if we still donít let go?

"People may get self-destructive to try to cope with the pain. They may drink too much or do something destructive like not follow their guidance. Theyíll be very unhappy and possibly cause pain to others. The big message that Iím being told to tell folks is to please release. Donít try to fix things on your own.

"Remember, you have a team around you. Just like the quarterback needs to pass the ball, you have to pass the ball yourselves. And please, please, ask us for help. The angels say, 'We wish you wouldnít wait until your house is burned to the ground before calling us. We wish you would call us at the first sign of smoke.'

"The other thing that works really well, the angels tell me, is to have a mental conversation with the other personís guardian angels, no matter if it is a stranger, a loved one or a co-worker with whom you are having conflict. Mentally connect with that personís guardian angel. It will be a one-way conversation for most people. Many wonít hear anything back from the angel. But the intention will be put out there and the permission given to the angel. They will intervene. Iíve seen many conflicts resolved this way. Itís very painless."

- The shift in the energies from day to day seems to be more perceptible. Why is that?

"Weíre becoming lighter and finer. Lots of people are being guided to give up dense things from their lives, from their diets. Dense things hold us earth-bound. People are being guided to eat lighter foods, to give up artificial things like sugar and caffeine and such. They donít know why theyíre being guided this way, but itís an answer to their prayer of how to feel better, how to communicate with the divine easier and how to shift their energy upward.

"What I believe is happening is that weíre being prepared to have this teamwork with beings from all over, from different galaxies and dimensions. The veil is thinning. Weíre being prepared for this new teamwork approach with ETs, elementals, angels and ascended masters."

- Itís been said that once a majority of us, 51 percent, begin thinking positive thoughts more often than negative, and begin leading more positive lives, that it will counteract any negative scenario thatís been outlined for our future. Do you have a sense of where we are in that regard?

"What Iíve been shown is that weíre still at a fork in the road. There are parallel realities and probable futures. Weíve tipped the scales in the direction of a very positive probable future. The key to that is becoming more natural and not fighting our natural inclinations. So many of us have been schooled to deny our feelings and natural thoughts, to over-intellectualize things.

"Weíre getting back in touch with our own intuition and telepathy, which I believe is natural to all of us. Science shows in study after study at Cornell and Princeton and in high-level laboratories that all of us have an equal propensity to being psychic. As we recover this natural ability, whatís going to happen socially is that we will no longer be able to lie to each other. Thatís whatís going to finally topple some of these institutions."

- And in the news, weíre seeing people having a harder time trying to conceal things.

"Exactly. When we fully recover our natural inclinations to be honest with ourselves, this is going to allow us to let go of artificial ways of measuring time. Weíll use intuition to make appointments, rather than our watch. Itíll feel right to meet Sally at the coffee shop at 2, instead of setting a 2 oíclock appointment and both of you are breaking your necks to get there then. I believe weíre going to let go of time by 2012."

- So itíll be more of a flow.

"Yes, and the bottom line is that weíll be more authentic. People will not be working in jobs that are meaningless to them. Weíll let go of manufacturing gadgets that people donít really need but buy because they feel empty inside. Weíll all be working in jobs that make our hearts sing. I also believe weíll recover our ability to manifest. We wonít need to suffer for our money."

- And get a better feel for what it takes to manifest what we want.

"Right. Itís very natural to manifest. Weíll lose the doubts that block us from that. So I see a beautiful new age of peace thatís upon us. And these new children who have incarnated are very intuitive and strong-willed. They are our future leaders. Hopefully we wonít over-drug them with Ritalin and such and have them lose those skills while theyíre having a hard time coping with this old, inauthentic energy that still exists."

- And the key is to find situations for these children where they can fit in the way they are.


- I see change occurring in education, but itís difficult because people want to hang onto the way itís always been done.

"Itís what weíve done and change is frightening. Change is very threatening."

- What are you working on now?

"Hay House has recently published two new items. One is called Karma Releasing, a tape to release the effect of past lives that are hanging onto you and blocking you. I find that lightworkers have many past lives as lightworkers in which they were killed or ridiculed or persecuted for their spiritual interests or skills. So Iíve been doing a lot of work to clear those effects, because it makes lightworkers afraid in this life to do their work. It includes a clearing meditation on one side and a discussion of whatís going on.

"The other item is an angel oracle card set that I am really excited about, and Iím working on two new books. And I am touring all across America and Canada non-stop. Itís so exciting to meet and talk with people who attend the workshops."

- I am finding a shift in the mainstream in which new age ideas are being embraced using different language.

"Yes, in my counseling practice the corporate types are coming to me. Theyíre afraid of confidentiality, but theyíre coming to me because theyíre afraid of the future. Theyíre nervous about Y2K, about the earth changes, the prophecies and apocalypse. And theyíre nervous about their home life, because theyíre not healthy.

"I think The Celestine Prophecy set a lot of that off in the mainstream. Conversations with God has been good, and now there is James Van Praaghís Talking to Heaven. It seems like all of this is an orchestrated plan."

- What is your take on Y2K?

"The angels began talking to me about that last year. They say that neither extreme is correct. Some people say it will disable the whole world and others say itís no big deal and nothing will happen. They say itís going to be very expensive and time-consuming to remedy. The angels said this summer that the solutions will be in place and it will involve copying over files.

"Technically, I donít know what they mean. But they say it will not disable the planet unless people go into panic and create their own crises, which is not likely. Thereís enough energy to calm people down. There are still people who are trying to stock up on food and such. We call some of these new age fundamentalists. Theyíve got this belief that you have to atone for your sins, and theyíre dying for an apocalypse because they feel guilty inside or something. Itís almost like expecting punishment.

"Itís like they are fundamentalists using new age language with old-time thinking. Weíre the only ones who can punish ourselves. If enough of us take our money out of the banks because we are afraid, we are going to cause some problems."

- What have you found to be personally inspiring for you in the recent weeks or months?

"In the recent weeks Iíve been doing a lot of workshops in which Iíve been talking to peopleís deceased loved ones. A lot of children have come through who have no idea in the world why we would be unhappy in our lives. They cannot understand why we get upset. They scratch their heads, because they say we have paradise here.

"They say, 'Donít you know you can just take a few simple steps and be living in heaven?' Theyíve been talking a lot about the importance of us reconnecting with nature right now, especially because cities may be collapsing, not in terms of catastrophe, but in terms of our desire for more country life. Theyíve been prescribing regular walks in nature, of listening to nature. The elves and fairies are getting more and more vocal. They are urging us to please pick up litter and stop spraying pesticides, to be quieter and less destructive."

- In terms of us not being happy, it seems we do put so much of our energy on what doesnít work, focusing on our problems.

"And they have no capacity to understand why weíre so unhappy. Itís like, 'Donít you know who you are and what gifts you have?'"

- I think thatís it, that a lot of us arenít aware of who we are.

"We forget, donít we? And a lot of our doubts and fears make us believe we are powerless, because they are self-fulfilling."

- And weíre actually living in a world of easy manifestation and creativity.

"Yes, and with the new energy itís easier to manifest, and quicker. Whereas something that mightíve taken six months to manifest in the past may take only days or minutes for people who are far along the spiritual path and can focus their thoughts like a laser beam. And the beautiful part is if there is something in our lives we donít like, we just say, 'Hey, I made a mistake,' and go back to the drawing board and think again."

- With regard to our society becoming more natural, it doesnít seem like such a shift is underway, but anything is possible.

"Itís going to happen quickly. Weíre going to get away from government being in a faraway location and have more localized government. Weíll be able to make our own individual decisions based on our locales. Weíll do things from our heart more than based on what we think we need to do. Thereíll be less guilt and a feeling of obligation."

- I like the fact that you are attracting a wide number of people who may be on the verge of shifting their awareness or not understanding what is taking place. Do you have any general recommendations for those people?

"I do. One thing is to not judge yourself. Donít think something is wrong with you or that youíre going crazy. There are common symptoms related to this shift taking place. One is a feeling of pressure or anxiety in your stomach area, where you feel like youíre supposed to doing something but donít know what it is. That is coupled with an urgency about time. Thereís a real pressure to make a difference in the world, and thereís frustration coupled with not knowing how to do it, feeling as though you are impotent or unqualified.

"There are physical symptoms, as well: ringing in the ears, especially a high-pitched sound in one ear; seeing flashes of light; an increasing distaste for large crowds, crowded freeways or crowded buildings. All these symptoms are like an alarm clock going off inside of lightworkers, telling them it is time to be working with their purpose.

"Time to wake up. Instead of fighting all these symptoms by denying them, or covering them up with substances or workaholism, itís important to explore them and ask your body what it is trying to tell you. Ask your angels, even if you donít believe in them or are not sure they can hear you. Talk to them anyway. Ask them to show you what would make you happier, and also how you can serve. Service is really the key to mental health, I think, as a spiritual psychologist. What is it youíre interested in?"

- And knowing that you have a purpose and can make a difference.

"Yes. Everybody has a purpose and everybody is needed. Everybody has gifts. Weíre like players in an orchestra. Weíve got to have everybody in place."

- And right now the orchestra is a little chaotic.

"It is, because some lightworkers are being called to do the job of three or four other lightworkers who are sleeping."

- So a lot of lightworkers I have spoken with in the last four or five months are feeling like they have to do the job of several people, like they are on call 24 hours a day. And theyíre getting drained.

"Yes. In their sleep they are doing soul traveling to do teaching work and healing work. So they wake up exhausted. And then they go to the grocery store and there is somebody there who needs help. And then they go to the bank and they cannot escape the urgency for their healing. Itís round-the-clock service work.

I am concerned with lightworkers burning out. So thatís why the angels are talking about the need for increased respites in nature alone, like Jesus would go away for three days by himself. We donít need to go away for three days, but at least a half hour to recharge.

"The elves and the fairies have a very powerful energy. They act almost like chimney sweeps, scraping away the soot weíve absorbed from others. Plants also have the ability to suction fear energy out of us, that which we might have gotten from people we served. So the angels have recommended having a plant next to you when you sleep. Have a potted plant on the bedstand. Itís like a smoke absorber. It really makes a difference."

Copyright © 1999 Tim Miejan

A natural clairvoyant as a child, Doreen Virtue had many "invisible friends" and kept in contact with them until friends and family convinced her that her visions were wrong.

She became frightened and turned off her innate abilities--until July 15, 1995, when her life changed.

"On that day," as described on her website, "she heard a loud male voice clearly tell her that her car was going to be stolen.

One hour later, the voiceís ominous warning came true when two men with a gun and a knife accosted Doreen during a car-jacking.

Fortunately, the angelís voice told Doreen to scream with all her might instead of surrendering her car keys. Doreen screamed, and attracted the attention of people who scared the two men away.

As a psychologist, Dr. Virtue had been trained that hearing voices was a sign of insanity. Yet, this voice had known her future and had saved her life.

Doreen was forced to re-examine her beliefs about angels and spirituality. As she researched angels and Divine intervention, she found that her clairvoyance rapidly returned.

Now the author of 22 books about mind-body-spirit, Doreen has stepped into her power and hasnít looked back.

Educated with a Ph.D. degree in counseling psychology, she founded WomanKind Psychiatric Hospital at Cumberland Hall Hospital in Nashville, Tenn., and was an administrator at Woodside Womenís Hospital in the San Francisco Bay area, two all-woman hospitals specializing in psychological issues of women.

She is a leading advocate of supplementing traditional psychotherapy with prayer and other non-denominational spiritual practices. Today, she blends her intuitive abilities with her psychological knowledge and experience in a process she calls, "Angel Therapy."

Dr. Virtue gives workshops on spiritual psychological issues across North America, discussing angel therapy, angel communication, and spiritual healing.

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