Discography / Biography and some events:

Angelo Branduardi was born 1950 at Cuggiono (a town close to Milan) and with his family went very soon to Genova where Angelo passed his adolescence. In this city Angelo started to sudy the violin to the "Niccolò Paganini" conservatory where he got very soon the diploma and he appeared as soloist during a concert in the same conservatory.
When he was 15 years old with his family went to Milan and he started to play the guitar; besides he associated with the philosophy faculty and he composed "Confessioni di un malandrino" based on a russian Esenin's poetry...

Angelo's events

























1973/75: Angelo partecipated as a musician during famous pop groups tour (Parco Lambro, Villa Borghese, etc.)

1974: Angelo Branduardi '74 (ed. Musiza/Sottosopra) - with the collaboration of Paul Buckmaster (released also in english version) that composed also "Eppure chiedilo agli uccelli". Album dedicated to Luisa Zappa.

Musics and Lyrics by A. Branduardi, L. Zappa Branduardi.

1975: La Luna (ed. Musiza/Sottosopra) -directed, arranged by Maurizio Fabrizio and Angelo Branduardi. Production: Mario Gennari; Music Assistance: Mario Vicari; Mixer technician: Leandro Leandri. Album dedicated to Riccardo Michelini and Luisa Zappa.
Musics and Lyrics by A. Branduardi, L. Zappa Branduardi.

Angelo Branduardi: violin, classic guitar, flute, percussions
Maurizio Fabrizio: acustics and electric guitar, mandolin, percussions, bolivian quatro
Bruno De Filippi: bouzouki, quatro, guitar, sitar, banjo, harmonic
Gigi Cappellotto: electric bass
Andy Surdi: drums
Mike Logan: keyboards

1976: Alla fiera dell'Est (Ed. Musiza Roma/Sottosopra) - the italian award as the best italian LP.Songs arranged by Maurizio Fabrizio; collaboration of Mario De Monte; Production by A. Branduardi, M. Fabrizio, David Zard; "La Luna musica"- executive production by Dory Zard; Sound technician Plinio Kipling Chiesa. Album dedicated to Luisa and Sarah.
Musics and Lyrics by A. Branduardi, L. Zappa Branduardi.
Angelo Branduardi: guitar, violin, lute
Tiziana Botticini: harp
Gigi Cappellotto: electric bass
Bruno De Filippi: buzuki, banjo, sitar, harmonic
Maurizio Fabrizio: guitar, lute
Mario Lamberti: Percussions
Gianni Nocenzi: clarine, piano
Andy Surdi: drums

1977: Angelo played the violin and flute in the "Samarcanda" , a song written and sunk by Roberto Vecchioni in his album.
Incontro con Angelo Branduardi (Ed. Musiza Roma/Sottosopra) - first Angelo's anthology
Musics and Lyrics by A. Branduardi, L. Zappa Branduardi.

La pulce d'acqua (Ed. Musiza Roma/Sottosopra) - subsequently has been released the same album in french, called La Demoiselle, and in english known as Fables and Fantasies.
Songs arranged and directed by M. Fabrizio; collaboration of Mario De Monte, Production by Dory Zard for "La Luna Musica"; sound technician Plinio Kipling Chiesa; assistance by Giancarlo Jametti. Album dedicated to Luisa, Sarah and Rufo Audran.
Mario Convertino created for this album 9 beautiful picrures correlated to the songs reproduced by Angelo.
Musics and Lyrics by A. Branduardi, L. Zappa Branduardi.
Angelo Branduardi:guitar, violin, pan flute
Massimiliano Di Carlo: zither
Gigi Cappellotto:electric bass
Bruno De Filippi: banjo, sitar, harmonic
Maurizio Fabrizio:guitar, piano
Franco Di Sabatino: keyboards
Roberto Puleo: buzuki, slide guitar
Andy Surdi: drums

1978: During this year Angelo started the first long tour around the Europe and he released
Highdown fair (Ed. Musiza Roma/Sottosopra) - English edition of the "Alla fiera dell'Est", lyric by Pete Sinfield. During this year Angelo released also the recording in French version, A la Foire de l'Est . The lyrics were rewritten by Etienne Roda-Gil. Angelo besides started the new adventure called "Carovana del Mediterraneo" where a lot of italian artists met the people at the stadiums. This first meeting has been a great success for Angelo and new public became to appreciate his special music !

From Highdown fair:

1979: Cogli la prima mela (Ed. Musiza Roma/Sottosopra) - German award as the revelation of the year. Angelo collaborated at the new album called "Il Concerto" (ed. Cramps) in tribute to Demetrio Stratos, one of the best experimental italian singer ( Area's group solist) dead in New York during that year.
Songs arranged and directed by M. Fabrizio; collaboration of Mario De Monte, Production by Dory and David Zard for "La Luna Musica"; sound technician Plinio Kipling Chiesa; assistance by Peter Floss. Album dedicated to Luisa, Sarah, Rufo and Heron.
Musics and Lyrics by A. Branduardi, L. Zappa Branduardi.
Angelo Branduardi:guitar, violin, flute, dulcimer
Gigi Cappellotto:electric bass
Maurizio Fabrizio:guitar, piano
Franco Di Sabatino: keyboards, piano, accordion, Yamaha synth
Roberto Puleo: buzuki, slide guitar, bandurria, electric guitar
Andy Surdi: drums, percussions

1980: Concerto (Ed. Musiza Roma/Sottosopra) - This is the first official triple LP live recorded. During this year Angelo partecipated at the second edition of "Carovana del Mediterraneo" with Graham Nash, Stephen Stills and Ritchie Havens. Successively Angelo started the european tour getting an enormous success and strong journalist consent during the exhibition in Paris at the Fete de l'Umanité and 200.000 people to assist his concert. With "Cogli la prima mela" (Life is the only teacher - english version and Va ou le vent te méne - french version) Angelo obtained the european award and another one as the best LP in French language.
Angelo Branduardi, Gigi Cappellotto, Maurizio Fabrizio, Franco Di Sabatino, Roberto Puleo, Andy Surdi, Claudio Capponi, Alfredo D'Aquino, Hugo Heredia, Massimo Macri, Aldo Giovagnoli, Piercarlo Zanco, Gianni Dall'Aglio, Alan King, Gianni Colaiacomo, PierluigiCalderoni, Rodolfo Maltese, Gianni Nocenzi, Vittorio Nocenzi, Felix Mizrhai, Ronnie Jackson, Luigi Lai.

Gulliver, la Luna e altri disegni (Ed. Musiza Roma/Sottosopra) - This is the remake of the "La Luna" album published in the 1975. This new LP contained an unpublished song called "Gulliver" and the same songs released with "La Luna" as well.

1981: Branduardi '81 (Ed. Musiza Roma/Sottosopra) - with the collaboration of Paul Buckmaster (published this LP also in french).
Musics and Lyrics by A. Branduardi, L. Zappa Branduardi ("I tre mercanti", music by A. Branduardi and F. Di Sabatino).
Arranged by Paul Buckmaster; artistic collaboration by Mario De Monte; production by David Zard for "La Luna sas"; Mixing by Plinio Kipling Chiesa; assistance Giancarlo Jametti.
Album dedicated to Luisa, Sarah, Maddalena, Rufo and Heron.
Angelo Branduardi:guitar, violin, pan flute, flutes, odissey, percussions
Gigi Cappellotto:electric bass
Franco Di Sabatino: keyboards, piano
Paul Buckmaster: fender rhodes, percussions
Giorgio Cocilovo: electric and acustic guitars
Andy Surdi: drums, percussions
Gianni Zilioli: marimba
with the collaboration of "The London Symphony Orchestra"

1982: Angelo obtains the german award as best artist of the year and the french television offers to him one of the prestigious TV program ("Le Grand Echiquier") with three hours concert live for each exhibition.

1983: State buoni se potete (Ed. Musiza/BixioCemsa Roma) - Angelo wrote the soundtrack "State buoni se potete" from the homonym movie. He got the "David di Donatello " and the "Nastro d'Argento", two importants awards for the artists and released new concerts in Europe like in Italy, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, France and Luxenburg.
Musics and Lyrics by A. Branduardi and L. Zappa Branduardi (Lyric of "Capitan Gesù" by Luigi Magni); arranged by Gianfranco Lombardi.
Angelo Branduardi: guitar, violin, pan flute, flutes, dulcimer, percussions, keyboards
Piercarlo Zanco: electric bass, percussions
Franco Di Sabatino: keyboards
Gianfranco Lombardi: piano, harpsichord
Maurizio Fabrizio: guitar
Andy Surdi: drums
Andrea Verardi: bass

Cercando l'oro (Ed. Musiza Roma/Sottosopra) - Angelo released also a french version "Tout L'or de monde" of this album with good results.
Musics and Lyrics by A. Branduardi and L. Zappa Branduardi; arranged by M. Fabrizio; sound technician: Franco Finetti; Management: David Zard.
Album dedicated to Luisa, Sarah and Maddalena.
Angelo Branduardi, Piercarlo Zanco, Franco Di Sabatino, Massimo Di Vecchio, Maurizio Fabrizio, Andy Surdi, Andrea Verardi, Roberto Puleo, Adriano Giordanella, Alan Stivell.

Italy for Africa: during 1985 Angelo recorded the famous italian song "Volare" with other italian artists to get bankroll to help the Africa country.
Zachary Richard's: Angelo sings and plays the violin in "Il volo di Volodia" with other italian artists and playes also "L'ultimo poema su testo di Vissocki".
Club Tenco: Some important italian songs have been collected in a special album remembering Luigi Tenco, a famous italian artist dead some years before.
Banco del Mutuo Soccorso: it's an italian group and Angelo plays the violin during the seng called "Come in ultima cena".

Canzoni d'amore (Ed. Musiza/BixioCemsa Roma) - In these years Branduardi has been strongly involved to help the UNICEF with a series of concerts in Italy (known as "Festa per la vita") and producing and anthology of love songs including songs as Il ciliegio, La Luna, Se tu sei cielo, and so on.. Following this philosophy during 1985 Angelo produced the same LP in french version (Chansons d'amour).

1986: Branduardi canta Yeats (Ed. Musiza Roma) - This album collected some of the best poetries written by William Butler Yeats, one of the greatest ireland poet (1865-1939) that has been prized with literature Nobel (1923) and recognized as estimable Shakespeare, Milton and Donne heiress. He was also an author for theatre and prose. Branduardi decided to start with a new italian and european tour transmitting to the people these new fabulous poetries. In the same year has been published a new sountrack from "Momo" movie also in German version. For the fiftieth anniversary of Garcia Lorca death Angelo partecipated with the song "grido a Roma" at the special meeting in New York with other musicians and the new album "Poeti a New York" was released (a collection of various artists).

From "Branduardi canta Yeats" (music by A. Branduardi) :

From "Momo" (music by A. Branduardi) :

1987: Collezione (Ed. Musiza Roma) - The same has been published in english version as "Collection" and in french too as "Toujours". These albums collected some of Branduardi's hits. Meantime Angelo produced "Confessions d'un malandrin", a sort of french version for the album launched in the 1980 (Gulliver, la Luna e altri disegni).

1988: Pane e rose (Ed. Sottosopra/Polygram dischi) - The same album for french market ("Du pain et des roses") while the original LP covered almost the entire Europe. Two new soundtracks from movies "Secondo Ponzio Pilato" and "Luci Lontane" have been released. New european tour for about 110 live concerts !

From "Pane e rose" (Musics and Lyrics by A. Branduardi and L. Zappa Branduardi; Executive productor Marco Astarita; sound technician Marco Canepa):

From "Secondo Ponzio Pilato" (music by A. Branduardi) :

1989/90: Il viaggio incantato - Canovaccio-lyric as fairy tale (by Furio Bordon) for a theater in Trieste (Italy) called "Teatro delle Marionette dei Podrecca".

1990: Il ladro (ed. Sottosopra) - Musics and Lyrics by A. Branduardi and L. Zappa Branduardi.
Angelo Branduardi: guitar, violin, harmonic
Marco Canepa: piano, keyboards
Giampaolo Casati: trumpet
Richard Galliano: bandoneon
Claudio Guidetti: bass, keyboards
Agostino Marangolo: drums, percussions
Adriano Mondini: english horn

1991: Il meglio di Angelo Branduardi (Ed. Sottosopra/Musiza Roma) - Another collection of famous songs, but at this time Angelo remade them adding instruments, re-singing or changing the rhythm in some circumstances. The LP offered new sounds and melodies applied at the old (Confessioni di un malandrino, la Luna, il marinaio and so on).

1992: Si può fare (Ed. Sottosopra) - New european tour started from Bologna.
Musics and Lyrics by A. Branduardi and L. Zappa Branduardi;Production by Vince Tempera and A. Branduardi; arranged by V. Tempera; audio engineersBruno Malasoma and Piercarlo Penta.
Angelo Branduardi: guitar, violin
Gigi Cappellotto: bass
Ellade Bandini: drum
Jorma Kaukonen: electric guitar, lap steel guitar
Massimo Luca: guitar, slide guitar, dobro
Naco: percussions
Zachary Richard: acadian accordion
Vince Tempera: piano, Hammod organ, keyboard
Fabio Treves: harmonic

1993: ça se fait (Ed. Sottosopra) - French version of the previous album "Si può fare" and publication of "Confesiones de un malandrin" spanish version of several hits. Angelo partecipated at the "Luigi Tenco twenty years of author songs" with a special compilation that included a special song in tribute of a russian poet, Vladimir Vysotskij, called "il Volo di Volodja" (Ed. Ala Bianca) and with onether song "l'ultimo poema". Angelo produced, in collaboration with the italian TV, a concert in Vatican (Ed. VideoRAI) with an economic help to the priesthood to build new chapels, singing "Gaudete" and "Personent Hodie" with the National Academy Orchestra of Santa Cecilia directed by Renato Serio.

1994: Domenica e lunedì (Ed. Sottosopra) - Dedicated to Angelo's maestro, Franco Fortini. In the same year Brtanduardi introduced the relative album in french version "Menace" (ed. Sottosopra/Polygram Music) with lyrics of Etienne Roda-Gil.
Musics and Lyrics by A. Branduardi and L. Zappa Branduardi; lyrics exceptionfor "Fou de love" by Pasquale Panella, "Giovanna D'Arco" and "La ragazza e l'eremita" by Paola Pallottino, "La donna della sera" by Roberto Vecchioni, "C'è una sala in Paradiso" by Eugenio Finardi, "Il trionfo di Bacco e Arianna" by Lorenzo De Medici.
Production by A. Branduardi, M. Fabrizio, C. Guidetti; mixing by Bruna Malasoma and Claudio Guidetti.
Angelo Branduardi: guitar, violin
Gigi Cappellotto: bass
Ellade Bandini: drum
Andrea Braido: electric guitar
Gianpaolo Casati: trumpet
Emanuele Cisi: sax
Maurizio Fabrizio: guitars, piano, keyboards, drums
Claudio Guidetti: keyboard, guitar, bass
Filippo Lamberti: electric piano
Massimo Luca: guitars, dobro
Pino Perri:
pedal steel guitar
Pedro Javier Gonzales:
spanish guitar, laud
Laura Marianelli, Michelangelo Cagnetta, Lego Martelli, Roberto Politi:
violin, viola, cello

1995: Angelo partecipated to the concert titled "Fatto per un mondo migliore (for a best world)" organized by the ONU in Venice (Italy) at the Goldoni Theatre to help the refugees of the ex-Jugoslavja. He partecipated at the "Le petit Arthur "as actor and singing "La Rose des Vents" and at the third edition of a concert in Vatican with "Coventry Carol" song. With the songs "Si può fare" and "La pulce d'acqua" Angelo recorded two new albums ("Le voci del padrone" and "I grandi momenti della canzone italiana") that collects the best italian artists.

1996: Camminando Camminando (Ed. Sottosopra) - Live recorded during Europe tour '94 with two new unpublished songs "Piccola canzone dei contrari" and "L'apprendista stregone", lyrics by Giorgio Faletti. Angelo in July 7th/8th released two new concert in Rome playing classic music with the Salisburg Mozarteum Orchestra directed by Ino Turturo. The next album created was "Futuro Antico" a special LP with particular medioeval, sacrum and profane songs.


Futuro Antico (Early music) - Mediaeval songs sacred and profane. This album has been recorded with
the Chominciamento di Gioia group and directed by Renato Serio.

The musicians
Angelo Branduardi: Violin
Chominciamento di gioia:
Elisabetta Di Filippo: Salterio, glocken, percussions
Olga Ercoli: Harp
Luigi Polsini: Viella, ribeca, lute, viola
Gianfranco Russo: Viella, lyra, symphonia, flutes, hornMarco Salerno: Cornetti, liuti, saz
Cristina Scrima: Flute
Pier Carlo Zanco: Viola, percussions

1997: - In June Angelo had a concert to the Santa Chiara Theatre with Andreas Vollenwier, Maurizio Fabrizio and Alfio Antico. In December he attended for the 3rd times to the 5th edition to the Christmas Concert in vaticano. Angelo sang some songs from "Futuro Antico" Album and singing also an old religious song from Spain called "Los set goytes"

1998: The Best Of (EMI) - Angelo proposed a new album mainly for the Europe with his best last successes. Some songs have been released translating the original italian titles, while other songs come from the last italian tour.

* = from italian concert recording

Il Dito e la Luna (EMI - ed. music. Sottosopra srl/Civitas srl/Nuovo autori riuniti sas)

This album has a new co-operation with Giorgio Faletti who wrote each lyric and the production made by Angelo Branduardi himself. The director's orchestra is Gian Franco Lombardi and following the musicians:

Ellade Bandini: percussions
Angelo Branduardi: violin, acustic guitars, guitar synt Godin-Roland
Marco Canepa: keyboard
Gigi Cappellotto: electric bass
Richard Galliano: accord
Gian Franco Lombardi: piano
Marco Gargioni: piano, Fender Rhodes, Hammond organ
Massimo Luca: acustic and electric guitars, slide, dobro
Lele Melotti: drums
Cristina Scrima: flutes
Fabio Treves: harmonic
Brendan Wade: Villean pipes
Fulvio Leofreddi: 1st violin from "Orchestra Roma Sinfonietta"

Recording by "Studio l'Isola" studios; sound engineers: Bruno Malasoma, Stefano Grasso, Fabio Patrignani; Mixage by Marco Canepa; Mastering released by Alberto Parodi ("Studio Mulinetti").

Studio Collections (EMI)

This album collects 33 famous Angelo' songs (in two CDs); a nice collection to refresh the great Angelo' s hits.

Besides in this year with the NCCP - Nuova Compagnia di Canto Popolare , a folk italian group, Angelo sings and plays the violin in the song called "Pesce d'o mare".

Other info happened during the year but available in italian....
A Roma, in particolare, suona una romantica My way in omaggio a Frank Sinatra. In luglio, nell'ambito del 20° Folkest,
festival internazionale di musica etnica e di nuove tendenze, Branduardi e l'ensemble di musica antica Finisterrae, nel duomo di Spilimbergo affollatissimo per l'occasione, presentano un suo concerto molto particolare dal titolo Sulle orme dei Patriarchi, tratto dal Primo Libro dei balli di Giorgio Mainerio, maestro di cappella del Patriarcato di Aquileia nel 1500.
In autunno, presso l'Auditorium Nazionale di Santa Cecilia a Roma, per l'apertura della stagione sinfonica 1998-1999, si svolge un concerto dedicato alla musica di Ennio Morricone, diretto dallo stesso Morricone, a cui Branduardi partecipa sia suonando con l'orchestra sia cantando la canzone Uccellaci e uccelini (1966), tratta dall'omonimo film di Pier Paolo Pasolini.
Nello stesso periodo parte il tour prima italiano e poi europeo; e al Conservatorio G. Verdi di Torino, Branduardi è presente alla rappresentazione musicale della favola di Sergej Prokofiev Pierino e il lupo (1936). In dicembre esce il doppio cd antologico Studio Collection, (ed. EMI), contenente 33 brani dell'ormai folto repertorio
musicale di Branduardi.

1999: - In april Angelo collaborates with Roberto Vecchioni going to the musical program TV called "Taratatà" . Together play and sing "Corri, ragazzo corri" and "La donna della sera". During the summer Angelo continues his concert around Europe finishing in Italy (Rocca Maggiore di Assisi) where Angelo got an important award during the latest International Festival for Peace.
In October Branduardi talks about a soecial Opera by Camille Saint-Saëns during an important musical meeting in Turin (Italy) and he's busy to play with Ennio Morricone around Europe.

In June Angelo releases new album
Futuro Antico II - Sulle orme dei Patriarchi (ed. EMI); this is the concert recording taken in Spilinbergo during July '98 .

Angelo Branduardi - Finisterrae Sulle Orme dei Patriarchi

  • 1 - Schiarazula Marazula (3'20)
  • 2 - Ballo Milanese (4'11)
  • 3 - Suite Anglese (6'29)
  • 4 - Suite La Parma (6'45)
  • 5 - Suite d'Angleterre (5'08)
  • 6 - Suite dell'Arboscello (4'53)
  • 7 - Suite Tedesca e Ungaresca (6'54)
  • 8 - Suite Francese (5'10)
  • 9 - Suite della Paganina. (6'11)