3aLab iRadio v1.3.0.316

iRadio is a new way of capturing and
collecting music from radio stations over the
Internet. This is a standalone program: it
means that it does not use any preinstalled
SDK or media platforms like Windows Media for
recording and playing media streams. Integrated
easy search engine allows you to find favourite
radio by genre or keyword, to choose bitrate
and other characteristics.

Radio receives much more information about
listening track: track parameters, name, stream
name, stream type, bitrate, genre etc. iRadio
automatically saves every new track in a
separate file with the corresponding file name.
While listening to a track you can get it
full even if you have started recording from
the middle. You can optionally select saving
tracks in directories with current date and
time. There are many more unique options
allowing you to arrange your music and make
new downloads.

There is an integrated CD recording engine
that allows to create music CDs with CDA and
MP3 formats. You have no difficulty in
selecting and mixing tracks for recording a
disk. Each track's parameters and full selected
time are indicated.
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