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Cadillac Dream

Cadillac Dream

Cadillac Dream

Benvenuto nel sito dei Cadillac Dream Rockabilly Band. Sei ami il rock 'n' roll qui potrai trovare informazioni e links. I Cadillac Dream eseguono dal vivo i classici di Elvis, Eddie Cochran, Stray Cats.etc. in personali rielaborazioni.

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We are a rockabilly band from Italy.We hope that you can find here some interesting information and links. If you are a "rockabilly rebel", please send us emails and give each kind of suggestion on the rockabilly. Our band is called "Cadillac Dream" and plays songs of famous singers such as Elvis, Little Richard, Stray Cats, Eddie Cochran, Carl Perkins etc.

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Cadillac dream Rockabilly band di Latina, puoi contattarci all'indirizzo: caddream@tiscali.it

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