Photo by Globus

Photo by Globus

The project Camerata Mediolanense took concrete form in 1994. It gathered some friends in Milan (Mediolanense = from Mediolanum, the ancient name for Milan), who were all involved in the underground music scene. It was conceived as a real musical "camerata", which casts a look at the Italian past and at the same time is deeply rooted in today's European reality. In fact, the main features of Camerata Mediolanense's musical language are: a percussive background, particularly evident during their live performances, which comes out thanks to the use of a non-conventional set of instruments; parallel to this, the band is doing a research on pure melodiousness, thanks also to the academical studies of some of its members.

Current line-up of the band
Daniela Bedeski: vocals;
Trevor: vocals, percussion, keyboards and samplers;
Elena: keyboards, harpsichord, accordion and percussion;
Manuel Aroldi: percussion;
Marco Colombo: percussion.
Giacomo Colombo: groove-box, percussion, also supports the band.


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