Camerata Mediolanense's concerts are conceived as pure events, due to the aesthetic principles by which they are inspired, based on a free interpretation of the wagnerian Wort-Ton-Drama. Its first four concerts took place in four different European countries:
1995 Germany (Friedrichshafen, 6 May 1995)
France (Dark-Wave Festival of Strasbourg, 28 July 1995)
1996 Italy (Milan, 2 November 1996)
Switzerland (Burgdorf, 26 April 1996)
1997 October and November 1997: tour in Germany and Holland with Kirlian Camera (Kaiserslautern, Arnsberg, Erfurt, Balingen, Utrecht, Berlin, Leipzig, Magdeburg, Grossräschen)
8 November 1997, Milan (I)
1998 27 April 1998, Dresden (D), organized by the cultural association Eis und Licht
17 July 1998, Modena (I), organized by Arci
1999 5 January 1999, Rome (I), organized by the roman label Wolf Age
23 May 1999, Leipzig (D), Wave-Gotik Treffen
23 October 1999, Karlsruhe (D), Tempel-Wächter Festival
27 November 1999, Faenza (I), Meeting Etichette Indipendenti (Independent Labels Meeting).
2000 12 March 2000, Faenza (I), organized by MEI
22 April 2000, Prato (I), Siddharta
5 May 2000, Milan (I), Binario Zero
29 July 2000, Varese (I), with Les Joyaux de la Princesse
2001 16 March 2001, Treviso (I), a concert for harpsichord and voice at the Circolo Ufficiali di Presidio
2 June 2001, Leipzig (D), Wave-GotikTreffen
21 July 2001, La Sarraz (Ch), Sol Veritas Lux Festival
15 September 2001, Toledo (E), Arcana Europa Festival
10 November 2001, Chemnitz (D), Götterdämmerung Festival
1 December 2001, Prato (I), Siddharta
2002 10 August 2002, Landgraf (H), organized by the cultural association Obscura
16 November 2002, Reggio Emilia (I), Vampyria, organized by Anonimingloria
14 December 2002, Viterbo (I), at the old Lazzaretto; "Il sacro e la modernità": a performance organized by the cultural association Shambhala


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