The first CD, Musica Reservata, was released on October 18TH 1994, for My Castle Rec., that is Camerata Mediolanense's label. The first printing of the CD being sold out in three months, Camerata Mediolanense, which had received several offers by labels like World Serpent, Glasnost, Discordia and others, gave its second printing to the German label Discordia, allowing them the exclusive distribution of it. This new edition has got a slightly different artwork and it contains neither the lyrics nor their English versions any longer. Since 1994, Musica Reservata has been reprinted several times; the band has recently released a totally remastered version of Musica Reservata (My Castle, 2002), now available.

The second CD by Camerata Mediolanense, Campo di Marte, was recorded in June 1996; it was produced by the label Discordia/Triton and released on November 2nd 1996. After several reprints by Discordia/Triton, it has recently been reissued by My Castle.

In November 1998, Camerata Mediolanense recorded its third CD, Madrigali, produced by Triton (formerly Discordia), which was released in the first months of 1999, soon sold out and reprinted by Triton several times. Now My Castle has reissued it.

VINYLS In October 1997 a 7" was published by the band's label My Castle: Inferno I, in a limited edition of five hundred hand-numbered copies. This is the first 7" of a trilogy inspired by Dante's Divine Comedy, "Inferno", Chant V.

Early in 1999, together with the CD, Triton released also an LP version of Madrigali, on picture disc, in a limited edition of five hundred numbered copies, containing two live bonus tracks.

In May 1999, the second 7" of the trilogy inspired by Dante's "Inferno", Inferno II, was published by My Castle Rec.

In 2001, Camerata Mediolanense recorded L'Alfiere, a split 10" with Pavor Nocturnus, in a limited edition of 800 copies, released by the German label Eis und Licht: it contains a version of L'Homme armé and Salve, Mundi Domine, Caesar Noster, Ave.

In 2001, Les Joyaux de la Princesse published Lago di Varese, a live 7" on picture disc by Camerata Mediolanense, in a limited edition of 500 copies.

TRACKS APPEARING ON CD OR CASSETTE COMPILATIONS In 1995, the band worked on the production of a CD compilation, Onore alle Arti, containing a track by Camerata Mediolanense, the live in studio Balcani in Fiamme-Aprile 1941, recorded on november 2nd 1995, and tracks by bands (Ataraxia, Kirlian Camera, Ain Soph, Weltschmerz, Sturm und Drang, Allerseelen, Vatican's Children, Regard Extrême, Lautrec, Propaganda Machine, Nobody) sharing the same musical background as that of Camerata Mediolanense. Onore alle Arti, published on December 1st 1995 for My Castle Rec., is now totally sold out.

Early in 1998, the band took part in Cavalcare la Tigre, a compilation produced by the magazine Sigill (D), with its exclusive track Eroi.

In 1998, the band took also part in the compilation The Dark Ages, produced by the magazine Black (D), with their live track La Grande Corsa.

Other tracks appearing in CD or cassette compilations:

- La Madre cattiva (Taste This IV, Germany)
- Il Trionfo di Bacco e Arianna (Musica Celestia III, Brasil; Taste This VII, Germany)
- La Madre cattiva - live in Utrecht (Achtung, Russia)
- Tacciono i Boschi (On, Great Britain)
- L'Homme armé - live in Karlsruhe (The Pact…of the gods, Germany)
- Lili Marleen (Lichttaufe 2, Germany)

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