The Camerata Sforzesca

Next date:
March 23rd 2003, at the Chiesa di S. Stefano in Velate (VA), Italy.

The ensemble was born in Milan in 2001.
The chief aim of this camerata - which takes its name from the Sforza family, originating from Milan, of which the Sforza were the ancient lords - is that of promoting and diffusing among a non-specialist audience the Italian music of the Renaissance and the Baroque period. The repertoire includes pieces the author of which is ascertained but also anonymous compositions, both sacred and profane popular songs, celebration songs and finally pieces taken from the Baroque Opera, the meaning of which is clarified through short "guides to listening", useful to let the audience familiarise with this kind of music, so that it can be enjoyed more consciously and thoroughly.
Each concert develops a specific subject; therefore, geografical as well as temporal crossings the border might occur. The pieces that are performed are always taken from original sources only, and never from transcriptions. The versions of the pieces the camerata presents are the result of a personal choice and taste, originating from the sincere wish to communicate a kind of language which is still alive.

Line up
Daniela Bedeski: soprano
Davide Laviola: baritone
Elena Previdi: harpsichord and organ
AnnaMaria Cristian: cello
Manuele Mattei: harp
Marco Colombo: percussion

Round this unit, the ensemble gathers a rich set of instruments, which varies according to the programme of the concert: psaltery, lute, bass viol, guitars, flutes, other voices.

The ideal location for a performance of the Camerata Sforzesca is a place with a natural reverberation, such as a church, a chapel, a room in a castle.
In the open air, the set of instruments changes, presenting less string instruments and more wind instruments.

The Camerata Sforzesca has played live in:
Treviso (I), Circolo Ufficiali di Presidio (March 16th 2001).
Milan (I), Chiesa delle Abbadesse (May 15th 2002).
Leipzig (D), Völkerschlachtdenkmal (May 18th 2002).
Vercelli (I), Chiesa di S. Bernardino (October 5th 2002).

Live - A selection of songs played in Leipzig, Völkerschlachtdenkmal (May 18th 2002), hand-made, limited edition of 107 copies.


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