Istituto Magistrale "Don G. Pagani " C A R L O FO R T E (C A)

The fauna differs according to the island surrounding. In humid zones there are the pink flamingoes, the "avocello", the blackwinged stilt, the heron (ardea cinerea) and the garzetta (egretta garzetta); among steep banks and the cliffs there is the Eleonora's falcon, the peregrine falcon, the herring gull. In low and sandy zones there is the tiger beetle (cicindela), that is a little endemic coleopter (coleoptera) of a beautiful blue violet colour that feeds on sea fleas (pulex irritans) and on little mollusks. In the underwood wild rabbits (oryetalagus) and the Barbary partridge (alectoris barbara) can be found. There is also the sardinian lizard (lacerta), the rot smoke (zomenis gemanenins) and the Gongilo.