Istituto Magistrale "Don G. Pagani " C A R L O FO R T E (C A)
The island is mostly covered by spontaneus vegetation that is the mediterranean shrub, with plants of myrtle (myrtus comunis), mastic tree (pistocia lenticus), rosemary (rosmarinus officinalis), strawberry tree (arbutus unedo), rock-rose (cistus) and broom (spartium junceum). In some areas these bushes interwine with trees of Aleppo pine (pinus halepensis) or of juniper (juniperus) coccolone or fenicio or with the palm (chaemerops humilis), that once was very widespread in the hilly regions of the island. There are small plants that flower among the trachytic rocks or the comendite like the maritime astragalus, the nananthea perpuisilla and the lavatera pallida.