Istituto Magistrale "Don G. Pagani " C A R L O FO R T E (C A)

The costume from Carloforte was reinvented in the 1950's. It was designed according to the models and colours of clear Ligurian and peraphs Campanian origin. She wears a headgear called "mantigliu" a rectangular handkerchief tied under the chin. The dress is a single piece of silk or brocade coloured with single colour and decorated with a corset called "gippun" while on the skirt called "fadetta" an apron made of cloth is worn, it is called "scosÚ". Charateristics of the bridegroom are the "Sampa", a headgear in the form of a french beret with a red ribbon which surrounds it and hangs on one side. The korean shirt called "u sarpaferu", a short jacket made of black cloth, which is hemmed by a red ribbon, a band called "Senta" made of red silk, and the trousers, "casuin" of black woollen cloth.