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Bondra's page (99/2000)

This page is dedicated to Peter Bondra:The Slovakian Speed Merchant

Peter is a right winger on the Washington Capitals, a team that plays its home-games at the MCI Center, in downtown Washington, D.C. Click below to go to the official site of the Washington Capitals

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    Another thing... if you want to write to Peter this is his "official" address:
    Peter Bondra
    c/o Washington Capitals
    Suite 750
    401 Ninth Street, N.W.
    Washington, DC 20004

    Well, if you want to know other about Peter, then go to:
    See my site and, then, PLEASE, sign my guestbook...BYE-BYE.

    (Italian version is better then english version, so, if you can read what i wrote in the original version see it, it is more interesting because i don't speak English very well and, so, excuse me for my ugly English. Thank you)

    (2nd in the of MTV in the week from 1/31/2000 to 2/6/2000)

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