The Private Rooms of Saint Philip Neri

The Private Rooms of Saint Philip Neri are accessible to visitors only on a few days of the year including the Feast of the saint on May 26.
Guided tours can be arranged upon request.
On the ground floor is found the Red room and the Inner chapel.The Red room contains relics and mementos of the Saint including a splendid banner made on the occasioni of his canonization.
The vault has a beatiful fresco that illustrates
, an episode of the life of the saint, when he was saved by miracolous intervention of Mary.
The Inner chapel is an extension of the apse of the Chapel of the Saint in the church.
On the altar is a portrait of Philip in prayer attributed to Guercino.
A spiral staircase leads to the upper rooms. The three rooms are faithful reproductions of the original ones, which were in the other side of the building and were here relocated after having partly destroyed by fire.
The first room is the chapel. Over the altar the splendid painting of Guido Reni. Two confessionals of the Saint and the bed, are preserved with other relics in two large glass paneled cabinets. Next to the chapel, is the private oratory transported in its entirety from the old place. The small chapel was reconstructed in its original simplicity. The walls are blakened by time, the pavement is worn away, the altar is of rough wood and the ceiling is of wood.

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