Welcome to the Chiesa Nuova in Rome

In the heart of historic Rome, the church of Santa Maria in Vallicella, known as the Chiesa Nuova, the legacy of the life and work of St. Philip Neri, welcomes you. With its beautiful works of art and a peaceful atmosphere, it is an island of tranquillity away from the noise and traffic of the city.
Through the following pages, we would like to show you how this complex of buildings, the home of today's Congregation of the Oratory, reflects the great love St. Philip had for the city of Rome and the message of Faith and Peace that he offered to the people of his time a message that is carried on by his followers today.
Perhaps we can recreate those times long ago when St.Philip gathered together people of every type in its Secular Oratory for moments of prayer and reflection.
We hope that by offering this on-line tour of the Chiesa Nuova we can share with you St. Philip's joyful spirit.

We invite you to visit us now (see How to reach the Chiesa Nuova) and to keep in contact with us by mail or by e-mail at: vallicella@tiscali.it
We will continue to update the information found on our web site in order to help you learn more about the Chiesa Nuova, as well as the past, and the present of the Congregation of the Oratory in Italy and in the world.
Periodically we will make available the schedule of events at the Chiesa Nuova including concerts, meetings and new publications.
In the pages that follow we offer:

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