Setup instructions

You can use Nutstation without speaking italian. But installing it is more difficult - sorry, we are tied to the Microsoft install wizard!

Please note that ufficial support for Nutstation is in italian only. The following instructions are put here in order to help international audience during the install process.

I have the Nutstation zip file. What next?

Double-click it to launch Winzip:

Double-click on  setup.exe  to start installing Nutstation.
Alternatively, extract the files to any folder and start setup.exe double clicking on it.

The first setup windows is like this:


Setup is copyng files. Please wait.

This is a preparatory screen. Nothing to worry about: just wait. Depending on which system files you already have in your machine, the system may or may not ask you to reboot. After reboot, repeat the procedure above to resume install.


Nutstation 1.00 CD Setup Program

This is the Nutstation 1.00 CD Setup program.
Please close all application that may be running,
otherwise shared files won't be updated.

[OK]      [Exit setup]

This is the main setup screen. Click OK to continue.



Nutstation 1.00 CD Setup Program

Click the button below (the one with the PC icon) to start setup.

[PC Icon]     Click this button to install Nutstation 1.00 CD
                     software into the directory specified below

C:\Programmi\Nutstation\                 [Change directorory]

[Exit setup]

Click on the PC icon to continue accepting the default directory (recommended).


Nutstation 1.00 CD - select program group

The new elements will be added to the program group below.
You can specify a new name or select an existing one from the list.

Program group:

Existing Groups:
(long group list)

[continue]      [abort]

Again, it is strongly recommanded to accept defaults clicking on "Continue".

Setup should now be copying files. Just wait. Don't click the button: "Annulla" means "Abort"!


Nutstation 1.00 CD setup program

Nutstation 1.00 CD setup successfully completed.


this end the installation. Press OK to end setup.

You are now ready to enjoy Nutstation. Please note that Nutstation does NOT create a desktop shortcut: to start it, click on and select "Nutstation".