Nutchip & Nutstation:



Nutchip is the name for an universal integrated circuit specifically designed for small automation tasks. A single IC and few additional parts are enough to build thousands of fun, easy, instructional circuits. Intelligent remote controls, alarms, photocells, timers, electronic dice: just to name a few projects built around this versatile chip.

Nutchips are very easy to use. If you can read a truth table, then you can program a Nutchip to suit your directions. Nutchips use special truth tables (named state machines), instead of a complicated programming languages. It takes less than an hour to get started with Nutchips, compared to the many days required to setup and program the simplest microcotroller.

For the electronic's enthusiasts and students, Nutchips offer an easy and clear path to move the first steps into the fascinating world of programmable logic chips; whereas the experts can advantage from the straightforward programming model to build simple applications in mimutes.

technical summary


arrow_blu_mid.gif (155 byte)   NO programming language knowledge required, a simple truth table is sufficient
arrow_blu_mid.gif (155 byte)   integrated versatile programmable multi-timer, timing range from 1 thousandth of a second to a thousand hours.
arrow_blu_mid.gif (155 byte)   integrated remote control decoder, up to 6 user-defined keys. Decodes either infrared or radio frequency codes.i
arrow_blu_mid.gif (155 byte)   integrated analog comparator for direct sensor connection, with user specified threshold level.
arrow_blu_mid.gif (155 byte)   3 or 4 digital inputs (il comparatore si può utilizzare come quarto ingresso digitale)
arrow_blu_mid.gif (155 byte)   4 digital outputs capable to source or sink up to 20 mA each (LED compatible)
arrow_blu_mid.gif (155 byte)   3 special inputs for state machine control (restart, hold, stop)
arrow_blu_mid.gif (155 byte)   serial port for PC monitoring and programmming
arrow_blu_mid.gif (155 byte)   supports in-circuit programming: the chip can be reprogrammed without removing it from the application board. no erase necessary before write. up to 10000 program cicles!
arrow_blu_mid.gif (155 byte)   versatile clock system: quartz crystal (maximum precision) or ceramic resonator.
arrow_blu_mid.gif (155 byte)   low power consumption, 4 to 6 volts regulated power supply required.


nut-pinout.gif (2224 byte)

Nutchip pinout.
Technical details and block diagram here

Nutstation, the programming environment [ help ]

nutscape-editor.gif (2459 byte) Nutstation integrates a specialized truth table editor to write truth tables quickly and efficiently. A Nutchip can do different jobs according to the truth table. We can specify any input combination, include input from a remote control, select which output to set or clear, include timeouts from 1 mS to 1000 hours. Just fill truth table cells with a few mouse clicks. Nutstation helps keeping the table in working order, and checks truth table for errors in real time.

truth tables explained

Nutstation features a special window for remote control configuration. Standard TV and RF remotes and codes are already there - you can also specify your own remote control codes selecting a custom remote control. It can also learn form a working circuit which code is received at a given time, and use it for self-learnign configuration.

more about supported remote controls

Nutchip requires no complex programmer to program it. Programming takes place without leaving Nutstation, with its single-button programming. A standard serial cable and a couple of transistors is enough to build yourself a reliable programmer!
The same Nutchip can be reprogrammed in almost no time, up to 10000 times, without even removing it from the application board. This is the key to fast development and interactive experimenting.

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