Nutchip input & output

Chip pinoutpinout


Block diagram

block.gif (12560 byte)

Absolute maximum ratings

Voltage on any pin except /RESET with respect to ground

-1.0 to +7.0V

Storage temperature

-40C to 105C

Maximum operating voltage

6.6 V

Maximum output pin current

40 mA

Maximum current Vcc to GND

140 mA

DC characteristics

Input low voltage (V)


Input high voltage (V)


Internal pull-up resistor

35...100 kohm

Output current: source

10 mA

Output current: sink

20 mA

Analog comparator offset

20 mV max

Analog comparator leakage current

10 nA max

Max clock frequency

10 MHz

nut-pinout.gif (3118 byte)

Chip pinout, dual-in-line plastic case.


pin name


pin #

/RESET Chip hardware reset, active low. Must be kept low for 2 clock cycles minimum to ensure proper device reset. 1
RX, TX Serial port input (RX) and output (TX) for chip monitoring and programming. 2, 3
XTAL2 Clock oscillator (drive pin) 4
XTAL1 Clock oscillator sense input / External 4 MHz clock input 5
REMOTE Remote control decoder input 6
/ST0 State machine reset. Must be kept low for 10 mS minimum to ensure return to state st00. 7
IN1...IN2 State machine programmable digital inputs 8, 9
GND 0 volts power supply 10
IN3 State machine programmable digital input 11
IN4 (COMP) State machine programmable digital input/ alternate positive input to the analog comparator (input IN4 = 1 when Vin > Aref) 12
AREF Analog voltage reference input 13
/STOP State machine stop, active low. 14
/HOLD State machine timer hold, active low 15
OUT1...OUT4 State machine programmable digital outputs 16...19
Vcc +5 volt dc power supply (can range from 4 to 6V) 20


State machine's truth table memory

The state machine truth table memory can hold up to(*) 32 different states, 64 input conditions, 6 remote control keys and 30 different timeouts. The truth table memory is loaded through the serial port. No explicit erase is required before writing (auto-erasing).Memory is non-volatile, retains data between power interruptions, and can be rewritten at least 1000 times. Each state includes up to 4 inputs, up to four outputs, and one remote control key.

(*) Maximum capacity, actual capacity varies based on truth table content.