Nutchip virtuoso!

Great projects, detailed instructions, friendly programming, free software (*), in-circuit programming: these are among the many reasons which make Nutchips so popular. Let's discover the Nutchip advantages.

Great for print & internet magazines:

Publishing software listings is a real trouble for Editors. Listings serve to explain the inner workings, but they make the magazine looking like the yellow pages. A typical Nutchip truth table is not longer than a printed page. This makes a Nutchip an ideal component for designing applications to be published in magazines. Truth tables drill down to the essential, making it possible to expose and explain them in the scarce space allowed for an article.

Great for home/schools:

Nutchips are state machines. Compared to microcontrollers they are significantly simpler and easier to master. Straight from 0-1 logic and through state tables, the Nutchips allow for the fast, early, no-frills approach to programming. They allow for immediate practical applications, an invaluable support when teching abstract concepts as digital communications, remote controls, state machines theory.


The electronic dice project built on a solderless breadboard

Great for kit manufacturers and part vendors:

For an electronic enthusiast, to assemble a kit is only half the fun. The other half is to modify it to adapt to his own application, to understand how it works, to see "what if". Recent kits suffer from the blackbox syndrome: one specialized IC, input and output connectors. No modifications, no understanding, no fun. The lack of general purpose parts affects vendors too, forcing them to store thousands of costly, very specialized components.

(*)Non-commercial use only. Restrictions may apply.