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Chips, modules

NUT-01-AK, Nutchip in 20-pin dual-in-line plastic case. Works with radio and Visa Simplex remote controls.
This is the chp used for all our projects, except those from Robot DeAgostini™ section.

NUT-01-DEA, a specialized Nutchip for interfacing to the De Agostini™ Robot.
Work with the infrared remote control that comes with the book "Costruisci e programma il tuo Robot" (Build and program your own Robot) and with radio remote controls.
This is the chip used for the Robot De Agostini section, works also for all other projects usign the De Agostini remote control. Works also with a Visa Simplex™ configured as "Sony™" mode.
PICRMT, PIC microcontroller already programmed with "picrmt.hex". It's a remote encoder generator, works with both and infrared circuitry, suitable for the NUT01-AK
Experiment board BOENUT-01. Includes a breadboard, professional reset circuit, ceramic resonator, oscillatore ceramico, Nutchip (NUT01-AK), 4 LEDs, 4 pushbuttons, PC interface and sockets for infrared or radio remote control receivers. All you need to start programming and experimenting with Nutchips - assembled and tested. No soldering required. Can be used as Nutchip programmer.
Options: rubber 433 MHz aerial + RF receiver + RF remote control, or infrared receiver + infrared remote control.
Reset generator IC type Motorola MC34064
3-pin ceramic resonator, 4 MHz oscillating frequency
Integrated infrared receiver module, type TK1836 or equivalent. Carrier frequency 36 kHz. Suitable for receiving signals from Visa Simplex remote control.

433 MHz radio receiver module (Aurel), suitable for receiving AM signals from the 4-keys Aurel remote control and for building wireless sensors.

(!) Always check local regulation to know if use of the above frequency is allowed in your Country.

Universal infrared remote control, model Visa Simplex. It is a Tv remote control, with 6 keys, compatible with Nutchips. Works from 2 1.5 volts batteries, when used to drive a TSOP1836 receivers works well to about 5 meters.
Aurel 4-keys radio remote control. Carrier frequency 433 MHz.

(!) Always check local regulation to know if use of the above frequency is allowed in your Country.



Buy your registration from authorized dealers Registration required only for work/lucrative use and for school labs.


Nutchip dealers


Artek sells online Nutchips, boards, transmitters, radio and infrared receivers, remote controls, ceramic resonators, infrared LEDs, and many other electronic components and products.

You can buy online from one to one thousand Nutchips, paying with credit card or bank transfer.

If you have a shop/school and want to buy large quantities, ask Artek for a special quote. They are qualified suppliers for schools and government bureaus.


We are looking for resellers/distributors worldwide.

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The online shop www.pianetaelettronica.it complements Nutchips with a choice of kits and products to help you learning electronics easily, and everything you need to prepare yourself printed circuit boards.


SIRO elettronica supplies components, instruments, computers and accessories. They are based in Turin, Italy, via Pollenzo 21, telephone (++39) - 011 - 38 55 103


Nutchips are now available from Germany-based Elektronik Laden, known also for offernig a wide range of evaluation and experimental boards for almost any kind of microcontroller. Elektronic Laden sells to all European countries. (click ElektronikLaden.de for the german version of the site).