Download Nutstation 1.04   (zip file, 3.8MB)    [setup instructions , how to register]

Nutstation is the only software you need for Nutchip programming. It is a simple 3-step process:

(1) edit the truth table to decide input and output bindings

(2) choose your remote control type and keys

(3) program the chip through PC's serial port



Download Nutchip Commander 1.11   (zip file 64 kB)  
[Requires Nutstation. Unzip the.exe file to any folder, then double click it to run]


Nutchip Commander is a virtual remote control to drive a Nutchip from PC screen.  dettails ]

  • click on the keys to send Nutchip remote control codes
  • monitor Nutchip outputs and inputs (green and red LEDs)
  • read Nutchip status on the display

(Note - requires Nutchip board to be connected to PC through the serial interface)

Software used in our projects

Download PICRMT 1.10  (zip file 2kB)     
[Requires a programmer for PIC microcontrollers ]

Code (".bin" file) to build a radio/infrared remote control with a PIC16F84, as detailed in the projects section.

Download all .NUT files  (file .zip 15kB)

Collection of all Nutchip files from the projects.


Download SMARTCARD file  (zip file 29kB)     
[Requires a smartcard programmer ]

File for "Funcard Purple" smartcard detailed in the article "Smartcard controlled relay".


Download .BS2 file for Basic Stamp  (file .zip 1kB)     
[Requires a Basic Stamp BS2 ]

PBasic program for making a Nutchip compatible remote control with a Nutchip, as described in the article "Wireless light switching".


Download Visual Basic communication example  (file .zip 9kB)     
[Requires Visual Basic™ Professional 6 to use sources]

Executable + source files for controlling the Nutchip with the PC, as described in the article "Controlling a Nutchip from the PC with Visual Basic"


Download Java communications example  (file .zip 40kB) 
[Requires Java SDK, alternatively Java Runtime to run pre-compiles classes]

Source and executable Java files for controlling the Nutchip from the a PC, as described in the article "Controlling a Nutchip from the PC with Java" by Andrea Cimini.
An improved version of nutchip_src module is also available (file .zip 2kB, includes the automatic handling of communicatoon interferences)

Web links:

Nutsim, the Nutchip simulator

Link to the web site of Massimo Negrotti, Professor of "Metodologia delle scienze umane", Urbino University.


How to register

Nutstation is shareware software: this means that you, the user, can freely download it, try it, copy it or distribute it to friends and colleagues.
Differently from other sharewares, Nutstation will work, without limitation, even after the trial period.
If, after trying it, you decide to use it for professional use, or in a school, or for corporate and any lucrative purposes, you must buy a registration.

Who should pay to register:
Who can use Nutstation for free:
  • professional users (including corporate use and free lance)
  • schools running Nutstation in classes' computers (except teacher's computer)
  • anyone using it for lucrative purposes
  • everyone for a 30-day trial period
  • hobbysts and electronics enthusiasts, in order to realize a project for personal use (no lucrative purposes)
  • students, on their home computer
  • teachers, even at school, if they run Nutstation on their own computer


How to pay a registation

To get a paid registration an e-mail account is required. You must tell the employee name, or alternatively class or school laboratory who shall entithled to using software. Buy registration on-line from authorized dealers. They will send the the registration files to the e-mail account right after receiving payment..

Suggested prices:

business users,
free lance

Schools require one paid registration for each and every class or lab which uses Nutstation, regardless of the number of PCs per class/lab.

Firms and professional users (this includes all those using Nutstation for lucrative purposes) require a paid registration on a per user basis, regardless of the number of PCs running Nutstation.

199 EURO
plus tax

Students, Hobbysts, Teachers

Students running Nutstation at home
Teacher, even at school, if they run Nutstation on their own computer

Hobbysts and electronics enthusiasts when running Nutstation for the fun of it or to make a project for personal use
No registration required

Suggested prices, actual prices may differ. always call authorized dealers to get latest prices and terms of use.