Nutchip Commander

Nutchip Commander is a free software program that implements a virtual remote control on your PC screen.  (download).
On-screen keys can be clicked like true remote control keys. In addition, the virtual remote control has monitoring capabilities: 8 LEDs showing Nutchip's inputs (green LEDs) and outputs (red LEDs) in real-time, plus a display in order to know current status.

It's fantastic for:

And, of course, it is an effective remote control for Nutchips that youcan download and use for free and does not require a remote control receivers, as it works through the PC serial port.

Nutchip commanders requires Nutchip circuit to be connected to the PC through a serial interface (the same used during programming). Serial port standards dictate a maximum cable length around 10 m. nonetheless, we have notice from many readers who succesfully attempted longer distances without problems (30 m and more)..

Nutchip commander does not use the REMOTE input pin, which can still be used for adding also a "real" remote control - RF or infrared.

DOWNLOAD latest Nutchip Commander software

Known bugs and limitations: