These are some of the available concert programmes.
The Ensemble also considers specific requests and programmes on commission.




"Jacobe Sancte"
the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela
(vocal and instrumental: 12 performers) listen live recording


"Principio di virtù"
"Istampitte", "saltarelli", "trotti": all the
Italian dances of the 14th century retrieved from a manuscript preserved in the British Museum.
(instrumental: 5 performers) CD

"Imperayritz de la ciutat joyosa"
Programme of musical literature of Marian devotion from the 12th to the
14th century, from popular forms to the most refined cultured music.
(vocal and instrumental: from 6 to 9 performers)

"Peccatori e santi"
Sacred love and popular feeling in the Italian and
Spanish "laudari" of the 13th century.
(vocal and instrumental: from 6 to 14 performers) CD

"Rosa das rosas"
The rose as symbol in the sacred and profane musical literature of the
medieval west.
(vocal and instrumental: 8 performers) CD


"In vinea mea"
wine, grape vines and vineyards in the Middle Ages.
(vocal and instrumental: from 9 to 12 performers) CD


"Mia Yrmana fremosa"
women in the Middle Ages.
(vocal and instrumental: 6 performers)

A panorama of European dances related to the "estampie" form,
principal model of instrumental music from the 13th and 14th centuries.
(instrumental: 5 performers)


"O Mystress mine"
Shakespeare's dramas stage music in the Queen Elisabeth times.
(vocal and instrumental: 8 or 9 performers)


"Farai un vers desconvenent..."
The wanton Middle Ages: from the affected obscenities of the troubadours to
the student licentiousness of "Carmina Burana" to the uninhibited
mixture of sacred and profane in some of the "Cantigas de S. Maria".
(vocal and instrumental: 7 or 8 performers)

"Robins m'aime"
Robin and Marion, principal characters of the 13th century "pastourelle",
in the "jeu" of A. de la Halle and the poliphony of the codices of Bamberg
and Montpellier.
(vocal and instrumental: 8 performers)


"O Roma nobilis"
The ways of pilgrimage: devotion songs of the first Jubilee time.
(vocal and instrumental: 8 or 11 performers)