Scientific calculators (1)










Texas Instruments SR-10 (2 series) 74, Brazil LED with lens 8+2 digits 4 op + sqr + X2 + 1/x  + power saving TMS0120NC, 2x SN27423, 2x SN27915 internal 3x AA ni-cd, ext jack 2,5 mm (from AC charger) First pre-scientific, exponential calulator built by Texas Good, working
Harden ESR/06 74, Japan Fluo 8 + 2 LED digits scientific  A4002 4x AA ni cd, ext 3,5 mm Jack; charger 5.8V With manual and bag As new, working. With bag
Litronix 2260R 74, Japan LED 8 +1 with lens 4op + sqr + X2 + PI + exp  2xIC nd internal 3x  AA ni cd, ext plug (- centre) Auto exponential notation, soft power switch with battery saving function Sufficient, working
Royal Litton RSC-65 74? Germany Fluo 12 digits scientific  A4802 4x AA or ni cd, ext plug (-centre) - Good, working. With glove
Commodore SR7919 75 LED with lens 8 + 1 digits scientific MCS009-46R5 (MOS), 548 (ITT) 9V, ext 3,5mm jack Very good, working
Aristo M85 nd, Germany LED 8 + 2 + 2 digits scientific nd 3x AA, ext plug Nice design with transparent cover  Very good, working
Unitrex Mini Handy 80SR 75 LED 8 + 1 digits scientific A4001PC (Rockwell), T1345 3x AA, ext 3,5mm jack Good, working
Sanyo CZ-8102 75 LED 8 + 1 digits scientific A4001PC (Rockwell), 3x BA609, 2 trans 4x button cell 625, ext. proprietary conn. Very good, working
Qualitron 75 LED with lens 8+2 digits scientific A4806PB, 12 trans 4x AA, ext Good, working
Realtone SC-60 nd LED with lens 10+2+2 digits scientific MC2525, 2xMC2526 internal 4x AA ni-cd, ext 3,5mm jack (+ centre) Battery charging circuit with thermal shut off  Good, working (modified)
Casio FX-31 nd, Japan Fluo 8 + 1 digits scientific HD38111A, 2 trans 2x AA, ext plug (- centre) - Good, working 
Casio Fx201P from 2 half 76, Japan Fluo tube 14 digits programmable scientific (127 program-steps). Connector for I/O? HD36136, HD37603, 2x36106, T3184, 5 trans 4x AA batt, ext plug (- centre) The first scientific programmable built by Casio.  Good, working (battery cover missing)
Lloyd's Accumatic 334 nd, Japan Fluo tube 8+1 digits scientific nd 4x AA or ni-cd, ext automatic exp, left alignement Sufficient, working
Royal, Model 1030 77, Japan Fluo tube 8+1 digits scientific A6500CB 2x AA or ni-cd, ext 2,5mm jack (-centre) Nice compact design Good, working
Casio FX-501P 79-80, made in Japan LCD (yellow) 10+2 digits programmable scientific (127 program steps), tape I/O port nd 2x button cell Calculator with built-in tape interface and tone generator.  Good, working. Missing cable FA-1  
Casio FX-3000 nd LCD (yellow) 10 digits scientific nd 3 x button cell - Sufficient, working. With holder
Sharp EL-5100 nd, made in Japan LCD (yellow) alphanumeric 24 digits programmable scientific (80 program steps) nd 3x button cell (G13) Calculator with formula editor  Good, working

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