Printing calculators










Canon Pocketronic II 74, made in Japan Printed thermal band 4op, thermal printer TMC0138NC, TMS0641NC, 1 ICnd, 5 trans, 7 diodes 12x internal AA-size ni-cd battery, 15V ext plug (-centre) Early portable calculator without display Very good, servicing 
Casio mini-printer 74, made in Japan LED 8 digits + sign LED 4op + sqr + mem, impact printer HD3599, T1315B, T3184, 8 trans. 14 diodes 7x internal AA-size ni-cd battery, 9,8V ext 3 pin plug (L-, Cnd, R+) Early portable calculator with band printer Very good, servicing 
Hewlett Packard HP-10 77, made in Singapore LED 10 digits + sign 4op + % + mem, thermal printer HP5861, other 2 IC 4x AA-size ni-cd battery pack, ext 2 pin plug (5V AC) The simplest HP calculator with printer Very good, servicing 
Elsi Mate EL-1195 81, made in Japan LCD 10 digits 4op + % mem, floating, auto shut off + thermal printer SC43513, SC6735V, M54538P, M5123L 3x AAA size ni-cd accum, ext 2 pin proprietary charger plug Small printing calculator Good, working
Olivetti Logos 9 82, made in Japan LCD 12 digits 4 + averages + totals + % + time + thermal printer DS3654N, 7 trans Internal 8x ni-cd accum, ext 2,5 mm st. jack (+ tip, - centre) Small printing calculator. Designed by Mario Bellini (minimalism), black and silver models Good, working
Canon TP-6 Pocket printer 85?, Japan LCD 8 digits 4 + % + sqr + mem + thermal printer T7796S, 2xLB1630, LB1256, 1 trans. internal ni-cd battery pack: 3x 100 mAh, ext miniplug 5,8V (- centre) Flat membrane keyboard. Thin calculator  Very good, servicing
Texas Instruments T5005 nd LCD 10 digits 4 + %  + mem + impact printer nd 4x AA, ext 6V plug - Very good, working 

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