Scientific calculators (2)










Novus Mathematician 4510 nd LED 8+1 digits RPN scientific MM5760N, DS/DM8864N 9V, ext jack 2,5mm RPN calculator, with bag Very good, working
Santron Santronic 300SR 75/76, made in Japan LED 10+2+2  scientific Rockwell A4800PC, 14 trans 3xAA, ext 4,5V plug (+ centre) Nice two dimension digits display (smaller for exponent), With glove Very good, working. 
Sharp Elsi Mate EL-8115 nd, made in Japan fluo 8+2  scientific nd 4x AA, ext 6V - Sufficient, working
Royal Litton Model RSC-40 nd, made in Germany Fluo tube 8 + 1 digits  4op + % + sqr + X2 + PI +1/2 + mem + sum NEC uPD946C + 1 trans 4x AA e ni cd, ext plug (- centre) With glove As new, working
Ibico 088 75, made in Japan Fluo 8+1 digits 4op + % + sqr + x2 + 1/x + mem + ex Rockwell A1241PA 4x AA, ext plug 6V - Sufficient, working
Technico 66SR 76 Fluo flat 8+1 digits scientific Rockwell A40001CC 3x AA or ni-cd, ext plug 4,5V (+ centre) Look like TI calculators Sufficient, working
TotSonic 38S 75 Fluo flat 8+1 digits scientific A4001PC, 2 trans 4x AA; plug 6V (- centre) Look like TI Datamath calculator As new, working
Du Mont Corvus Model 500 75 LED 12 + 1 digits RPN scientific, mesure conversion MK50075N, 2x ITT512-5N, 2x MK50104N trans 3x AA or ni-cd; ext 2,5"" jack (+ centre) RPN As new,  working (part.)
Canon Palmtronic F-6 nd, made in Japan Fluo 12 digits scientific nd 3x AA, ext plug 4,5V with glove Good, working
Agilis 555 nd, made in Japan Fluo 10 digits scientific nd 2x AA, 4,5V ext 2,5 mm Jack woth glove and manual As new, working
Sinclair Scientific Programmable 76, made in UK fluo 5+2+2 RPN programmable scientific (24 step) AMI C9688 9V, ext jack 2,5 mm (+ centre) Nice european calculator Very good, working
Sharp EL-9000 nd LCD graphic Programmable scientific nd 3x lithiun Rubber body with keys Good, working
Casio FX-370 nd nd scientific nd lithium - Sufficient
Casio FX-450 nd LCD 8 digits scientific nd solar Rubber body with keys Good, working

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