Electronic desktop calculators










Canon Canola  L121 71, Japan Nixie 12 digits 4 op + mem + f/k switch  TMC1754, TMC1733ANC, TMC1753NC, TMC1807NC 220V Compact desktop calculator, first use of LSI chip Sufficient, working
IME, mod.400 72, Italy Gas discharge 7 segment (flat array), 10 digits 4 op + f/k switch TMC0106NC, 32 trans 220V Really built in Japan (same as Busicom 100DA) Good, working
Sperry Rand Remington 801B '72 Fluo 8+1 digits 4 op + f/k switch HD3272, 3x TM45352P, uPD13C + 8 trans 220V, 4x C Desktop calculator with battery Very good, working 
Asaki AE-12M '73, Korea Fluo 12 digits (single bulbs) 4 op + mem + f/k switch EA7022/7348A, EA7023/7344 plug 12V (+ centre) Desktop calculator  Good, working 
Texas Instruments T3500 '73 Panaplex 10+1 digits 4 op TMS0106NC, 7406, 21 trans, 15 diodes 220V Desktop calculator  Very good, working 
Garrett CM30 '74 Panaplex 8 digits 4op + alarm clock, timer IC nd 40 pin, IC nd 28 pin, 2x Sprague UHP 480/7338 220V Desktop calculator 'space helmet'  Good, working 
Sanyo CX-8006R 73, made in Japan Fluo tube 8 digits 4op + RC + constant switch; standard cc tape mono unit uPD271D, uPD261c, 2x T4352p, 5 trans; M5106P (tape) 4x D cell, 220 mains supply Hybrid unit with calculator and compact cassette tape Good, working
Olivetti Logos 58 73, Italy none 4 op + mem + f/round switch; impact printer (25cps)  TMC1876NC, TMS1828NC, TMC1877NC, 10 trans 220V Mechanical keyboard encoder, awarded design by Mario Bellini Very good, working
Olivetti Divisumma 24 56/64, Italy none 4 op electro mechanic 220V Awarded design by Marcello Nizzoli, Natale Capellaro (tech) Very good, servicing

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