Early portable calculators (best of collection)










Canon Pocketronic 71, Japan Printed thermal paper band 4 op (12 digits calculation, 4 decimal); thermal printer TMC1730A, TMC1731A, TMC1732A, + 11 trans Internal ni-cd (6x 450mAh + 7x 225mAh), ext 3 pin plug (left to right:+7.2V, 0V, -8.4V) The world first battery portable calculator Very good, no tested
NCM Busicom Handy LE120s late 71, made in Japan LED  12 digits (single digit pseudo-smd modules)  4 op + fixed decimal switch Mostek MK6010L, 28 trans, 18 diodes 4x AA battery Low cost version of the LE120: the world first pocket calculator with display Very good, working
Toshiba BC-801B late 71, made in Japan Fluo tube 8 digits 4 op TMS0105NC, 4x T3084 + 8 trans Internal Ni-cd battery (6x AA), ext 3pin connector First Toshiba portable calculator Sufficient, working
Texas Instruments Datamath (1 series) Late 72, Made in Europe LED 8+1 4 op TMS0119NC, 2x 75491N, 2x ICnd, 3 trans 6x internal AA size ni-cd battery pack, ext 3 pin connector (7,2V) The first TI portable calculator Good, working
Canon Palmtronic LE-10 72, made in Japan LED 10+1 digits 4 op + battery gauge TMC1824NC, TMC1825ANC, + 4 trans 4x AA First Canon portable calculator with display Very good, working
Sinclair Executive 72, made in UK LED 8+1 digits 4 op + floating switch TI GLS1802 4x button cell First ultra-thin calculator (first from Sinclair) Sufficient, servicing
Sharp ElsiMate EL-805s late 73, made in Japan LCD-COS 8 digits 4 op nd 1x AA The world first LCD portable calculator Good, servicing

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