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SGT Avia 73, Swiss made LCD COS 4 digits hours minutes SSS/SCL 5428F, 1x ICnd, 2 trans 1x button cell First LCD quartz wrist watch Very good, working
Pulsar Classic 75/76, nd LED 4 digits + DOW hours minutes sec, date, DOW nd 2x button cell Flicking of the wrist flashes hours and seconds. Reed-magnet switch bad, servicing
Texas Instruments TI-100 76, nd LED 4 digits hours, minutes, sec, date nd 2x button cell One of the first quartz watch from Texas Instruments Good, working. With manual
Seiko chronograph 0634 76?, Japan LCD 4+2 digits hours, minutes, day, stopwatch, adjusted, thermal stabilized quartz oscill. nd 1x G10 buttons One of the first LCD chrono; front commands Good, working
Citizen Calculator 79, Japan LCD 4+8 digits hours, minutes, sec, date, alarm, stopwatch, calculator (4op + % + sqr + mem) nd nd Nice micro ball point keyboard As new, working
Constantin G. Quartz nd, Swiss made LCD 4 digits hours, minutes, sec, date nd buttons accumulator + solar 10 cell One of the early solar rechargeable watch As new, working
Timex-Microsoft Data Link 95, Philippines LCD 6+8+6 alphanumeric digits, 'indigloo' backlight hours, minutes, sec, date, alarm, app, anniversary, to-do and data link for PC communication  nd 1x lithium cell First wristwatch with optic data communication with Windows PC As new, working
HanHart Oledo 79, Germany LED 6 digits hours, minutes, cent.sec, 3 mode nd 3x AA prof sport chron Good, working
Casio pq-10 nd, Japan LED 6 digits hours, minutes, sec, timer, alarm, stopwatch nd 2x button cell Nice travel clock Good, working. With bag

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